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Facebook’s User Data Collection May be Barred by German Watchdog Group

A newspaper published Sunday reports that German anti-trust watchdog plans to order Facebook to stop collecting some user data. Facebook has been investigated over the last 4 years by the Federal Cartel Office, the national competition regulator of Germany. The Federal Cartel Office has now said that it will submit its conclusions to Facebook. Reuters noted that the group has been researching Facebook since years and that the company has

LinkedIn used 18Mn Non-member Email IDs for Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn has violated some of the data protection rules by hacking around 18 million email ids and targeting them on Facebook for advertising. Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Ireland revealed this and after an investigation and published its findings in a report. Further, the investigation revealed that these 18 million Facebook users were not the members of LinkedIn. Additionally, DPC observed and made a note of all the activities during

Facebook Steps in to Smart Speaker Market with Portal and Portal+

Facebook, the global social media giant recently presented smart video speakers powered by artificial intelligence, named as Portal and Portal+. Facebook said that the speakers are designed to make people feel like they are present in the same room. Having tablet-sized screens, the smart video speaker devices are expected to revolutionize video calling, and the way people keep in touch. The unique selling point of Portal and Portal+ is their

Google’s Latest ‘Birthday Update’ to Improvise by Bringing Images and Video to the Fore

For Google’s twentieth birthday celebration, it’s getting some huge changes. Inquiries are going to incorporate some new results, for example, Featured Videos, and in addition a determination of a portion of its AMP Stories when you search. Furthermore, Google Lens will head Images results, which will give you a chance to tap on a picture to perceive what Google believes is the most “fascinating” some portion of each photo. The

Twitter Tests Promoted Trend Spotlight as New Advertisement Strategy

Twitter is looking to up its advertising strategy by running a test where a large visual banner is placed above the Explore tab by Promoted Trend Spotlight ads along with an image or a GIF background. In order to push revenue earned from the microblogging site’s trending topics, this new advertising strategy is expected to emerge strong in the near future. As per a recent report, users will come across

Coming Soon: Facebook “Trending News”

Facebook is launching a section named “Trending News” on their mobile app. The section will contain the latest relevant news that a reader would want, all with their own links to the original article. The news regarding the Trending News section was revealed earlier in spring when Facebook officials stated news was swiftly becoming an important part of Facebook feeds. The section keeps a track of the news items and

WhatsApp Users to Recall Misdirected Messages Sent within 5 Minutes

WhatsApp, a leading messenger platform owned by Facebook, recently disclosed that it is soon launching a ‘Recall’ feature that will allow users to revoke messages, recall or unsend texts, images, videos, graphics interchange formats (GIFs), attachments, and quoted messages. The users will enjoy a five-minute window to revoke these messages. The move to introduce this feature was reported in ‘The Independent’ on July 6, 2017 and will include status replies

Finishing Your Degree on Your Time

One of the most difficult things that people face when finishing their degree is time. Between work and life in general, there’s just no time to fit school in. Thankfully, educators noticed, and began offering classes online. Taking a class online is as easy as it sounds, and, thankfully, affordable. During the past two decades, tuition has increased astronomically, and with it, student loans have increased as well. Many students

5 Ways To Sell Your Home With Social Media

Selling your home can be a very stressful and difficult time indeed, and that’s even if you get a quick sale. For many of us, it is a long process that is peppered with disappointments and quite a few false alarms. The world is still in the spell of a nasty recession and it is certainly a buyer’s market right now. In fact just about the only type of business