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5 Ways To Sell Your Home With Social Media

Selling your home can be a very stressful and difficult time indeed, and that’s even if you get a quick sale. For many of us, it is a long process that is peppered with disappointments and quite a few false alarms. The world is still in the spell of a nasty recession and it is certainly a buyer’s market right now. In fact just about the only type of business that seems to be on the up is social media and all of the brilliant add-ons it brings us! Over a billion people can’t be wrong and many businesses have started to harness this unstoppable vehicle for their own promotional needs. So why not think about promoting your humble home on this gargantuan gravy train? If you fancy having a go at using social media platforms to shift your home, please do read the rest of this article.

Start Real Slow

Social media users are usually interested in most things, but one thing that leaves them cold is a hard sell! You may have been trying to move house for months already, so what is another 4 or 5 weeks in the grand scheme of things. The first thing you should do is to open up a new page for your house, and you don’t have to mention that you’re selling it yet. Just start to show the world how awesome it is and ask for some of their thoughts. Use a powerful cover photo and make the profile picture a real winner.

Do Some Research

Before you start to invite the world to ‘like’ your fan page, think about who you want onboard. Choose some stable friends and let them know the real reason behind the new profile. Offer them a small slice of the pie if they play along, teamwork is important and they just may make that little difference that you need. Look at other profiles that are promoting house sales and see if you can glean a little magic from each of them.

Make It Sellable

Once you have opened up and gone public with the proposed sale of your home, ensure that every video and photo are as awesome as they can possibly be. Spend a day or even two getting the place spic and span and hire some professional cleaners if you are too precious to get down and dirty! Ensure the asking price is realistic and promote every positive fact about your chateau, because people love to see what you’ve got so make it count!

Share Your Stuff

Encourage your visitors to share your page and see how quickly your network expands. Facebook has some very useful measuring tools that give you an insight on how well you page is being perceived.

Get Involved

Remember to spark a few lively debates and also respond to questions promptly. Think of a unique selling point of your home and play on this without becoming too obvious. Have an Open house morning and video the whole event for an upload release later on. You’ll soon have an army of admirers wanting to get in on the action.


As long as you follow these 5 steps and ask a realistic price, you should soon be using social media to choose your next home – Good Luck!

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