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Facebook Messenger will send notification a screenshot of your message

Many new features have recently been added to Facebook Messenger. End-to-end encryption was provided for Facebook Messenger as well. In addition, a new feature called snapshot detection was included.

WhatsApp users have been eagerly awaiting the debut of the screenshot detection tool for a long time. Additionally, the message reaction function has been released.

WhatsApp was said to have been testing a message reaction function for some time, but it has now only been launched for Facebook Messenger. This was previously reported. These features are expected to appear on WhatsApp in the near future following their debut on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger’s new screenshot detecting tool is extremely intriguing. Using this feature, you’ll be notified if Messenger takes a screenshot of your vanishing message.

In the near future, this feature will be available to everyone. In addition, a new feature called “message reaction” will be available. You can respond to a message with an emoji using this function in Messenger.

Tap and hold the message to do this. This feature may be coming to WhatsApp in the near future as well. While this feature is still being tested, Users can tell the difference between legitimate and fraudulent accounts by looking for the verified badge option in Messenger.

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