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Twitter testing new feature to send DMs from tweet

An online micro-bowling facility People will be able to send direct messages (DMs) from within a tweet, according to a new feature being tested by Twitter. Twitter believes this new feature will make it easier for people to start discussions from their feeds.

Using the micro-blogging platform, the issue occurs when you try to respond directly to a tweet’s author. Our goal is to make it simple for you to start a discussion with them from your timeline. The business has introduced the DM icon to certain of your tweets on iOS as a test, it stated in a statement. Civil servants and public safety professionals, on the other hand, have been notified by the test.

Defending the rights of users

Elijah Orlins, a public defender in New York City, says that giving your DM a shortcut can annoy them. In a Twitter post, he reacted. Please refrain from doing this. So at the very least, he pleaded, “don’t allow it on our tweets.” The experiment, according to Twitter, is not affecting anyone’s DMs in any way.

According to a Twitter representative quoted by The Verge, “We are continually looking for ways to make DMs more accessible and important to users on the platform and they will always be in control.” DMs can be turned off in the personal settings of each user.

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