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3 Ways To Facebook As a Distribution Channel : F-Commerce

Facebook provides businesses with over 800 million users with huge potential. So it was obvious that shop owners want to use the social network for selling your products. We present three F-commerce solutions, which allow for online shops operate within Facebook.

Zynga is a prime example of how companies Facebook can use for their purposes. The company is using Facebook as a platform for online games and generated significant revenue there. What is Zynga succeeded in online games, try other companies in e-commerce to reproduce by making use of Facebook as an additional sales channel.

What exactly is F-Commerce?

When F-commerce is about to use the social networking site Facebook, where to integrate their own online store. It allows companies to generate and process a direct sale. Facebook makes this technically the complete picture of the sales process. On the other hand, retailers can use the Facebook store as a showcase and establish appropriate cross-references to its own online store.

Successful selling on Facebook

The technical possibilities for your own online shop on Facebook are given unambiguously. Nevertheless, many companies the question of whether and how you can successfully sell products within the social network. Due to the huge hype over the past months, many companies have opted for a Facebook store and this partly quickly closed again. Thus, the e-commerce ecommerce blog headlined recently been “ Does F-Commerce “Fail” commerce? ”[1], as large and significant success for many companies so far failed to materialize.

Conclude from the negative reports on it per se, F-commerce is a flop would, however measured. As so often, it is also used in F-commerce on the products and the target group, because the right environment in itself. Facebook currently has in Germany through an enormous spread and daily users spend a lot of time on the social network.Why should they not at this time also worry about shopping? Even though companies have shut down part their broader, still exist in Germany many companies that deal with this issue.

Regardless of which option you choose – it is appropriate to find solutions for both the complete online shop as well as the windows version, which can help you create one of Facebook stores.

Store Share

In solving shop Share [2] is a complete online store that integrates seamlessly with Facebook. A special feature is the possibility of a Trusted Shops certification, which can have a positive effect on the conversion rate.

In addition, Store Share with all basic features and capabilities that you need for an online store. Thus, various payment methods are available for the ordering process and the use of multiple languages ​​is possible. The design can also be adapted to their own corporate identity. For the performance evaluation reports are also available. If you need help, the shop owners take on additional consulting services. Share Shop is stated by the seller with no problems connecting to other systems such as Magento or oxide eShop.


Another F-commerce solution offers Ondango [3]. The software maps the complete sales process from product selection to complete the payment process via Facebook. An implementation, different payment methods, multiple languages, and additional shop basic functionalities. Are interesting in this Ondango especially the sales promotion.Besides you can also create Daily Deals. For a daily deal is an offer that is only available on a particular day. This functionality can store owner directly mapped to Facebook Deals and thus win new fans on the one hand, on the other hand generate additional revenue. A very successful Reference Store has created the sub Take RoQua with Odango.

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