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Why should I be a blogger?

In one of my previously written articles, I wrote about the reasons (principal reasons) why you as an individual should start blogging. This piece of work will reveal other reasons why you should start blogging. Most people even after reading plenteous articles on how to set up a blog site or blog sites, they still don’t feel enthusiastic or passionate over blogging. Some of them end up having something else occupying their mind and enjoying their time. I read a write-up provided by a Facebook pal on how to open a blog site, and in the course of going through the piece of work, my eyes got me stuck to where he wrote “being a blogger can improve your writing skills”. I pondered in my heart what exactly he meant by that, and how possible it is, then I sent him a message and we started discussing on that. Trust me that I did not only start blogging, but I also fell in love with it. Now, let’s go back to our topic, and know some of the reasons why you should be a blogger.

Reasons why you should be a blogger

We all know that almost everybody would never say no to anything that will attract cool cash to him or her. Most times we hear people saying “
make money online” but we really don’t proceed to know what is attached to that statement. The thing is that, the act of blogging pay a lot of those that are into it. As a blogger, you can monetize your blogging by applying for Google AdSense, or even by advertising services and products on your blog site(s) for various companies. This is usually more paying when you have more visitors coming to your blog every second and minute of the day. On the other hand, Google pays bloggers that are into Google AdSense on a monthly basis too.

Improvement of writing skills
This reason is one that should motivate individuals lacking in writing. The act of blogging requires the one to write on various topics and ideas and post them for his or her visitors to read. The moment you start writing, your chances of improving your writing skills will get higher, though you might be unable to notice the positive changes. For instance, if you provide a content of 200 words on your first attempt and made some mistakes of 50%, your visitors or readers will criticize your work and also give you guidelines on how to prepare a better content. Then in your next content, you present content of 250 words with 30% mistakes, of a truth your writing ability has improved. So, blogging helps in the improvement of one’s writing skills.

Creation of new job opportunities
Once your writing skills have improved and your visitors now see you as a professional, trust me that you have better chances of landing jobs to yourself even without applying for them. For example, a firm that needs good writers who can creatively write for them may be convinced to hire you because of the professionalism and creativity in your writings. That is as a result of having increased writing skills.

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