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Instagram users can now like Stories without DM

Because Instagram’s popularity is growing, the company continues to add new features and updates that cater to the needs of its users. Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing app. Why? To provide a better sense of time for the user. In the future, you will no longer need to send a direct message to like Instagram Stories, which is great news for Instagram users. You do not need to send a note to “like” a story (Instagram Stories).

New like Stories Feature Coming Soon

With the introduction of ‘Private Story Likes,’ Instagram, the Meta-owned photo-sharing app, will now allow users to give likes to stories privately. It will be possible for people who receive notifications of updates to like stories without having to send a DM.

9to5Mac reports that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri made the announcement on Twitter. The new likes mechanism will operate independently of Instagram Stories’ current direct messaging system, which sends messages to a user’s inbox.

How features like Instagram Stories Feature work

Mosseri has uploaded a video that purports to demonstrate the new interface in action, and it includes a heart icon for Stories. The other person will receive standard notifications, not private messages when you tap this.

The CEO of Instagram has stated that the system is meant to be ‘private’ and does not include alike count. In order to keep the public count of likes going, this is likely to separate Stories from ordinary Instagram posts.

Users will be able to express their support and gratitude for Instagram Stories content in a simple and enjoyable way thanks to the new capabilities. According to the report, the goal of this initiative is to allow people to express their support for one another more openly.

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