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Sierra Wireless Launches Cloud Managed Low-power Wide-area Cellular Router for IoT

With today’s global businesses and organizations undergoing a complete digital transformation wherein equipment, stores, and offices are connected in order to deliver service-oriented business models for improved efficiency, increased revenue, and higher customer satisfaction, it has become important to have an LTE connectivity which is combined with good networking, routing, and security.

With this in mind, Sierra Wireless has developed a complete portfolio of AirLink Network Management tools which is available both on-premises and in the cloud in order to configure and control all the connected gateways and routers as well as for remote monitoring.

Sierra Wireless has announced the launch of airlink LX60 which is the first-ever Cloud-managed low-power wide-area cellular router for IoT. The LX60 extends the airlink networking solutions portfolio into newer applications such as digital signage, automation, taxis, kiosks, point of sale terminals, and ATMs. With the LX60, organizations and businesses can deploy various high-volume IoT applications which are easily scalable.

The presence of a rich set of I/O options and LTE-M/NB-IoT connectivity for enabling critical data to be processed, for data acquisition, and sensor aggregation, allows optimized data transmission and creates situational awareness which is event-driven.

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