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WhatsApp Features : Now you will be able to Message without Internet

If the feature is successful, it will allow desktop users to send and receive messages even if their mobile devices are disconnected from Wi-Fi. The phone does not need to be connected to the internet to use WhatsApp on a computer or laptop. WhatsApp has released a beta version of its latest update after about eight months of testing. WhatsApp Desktop beta users can now use the service even if their phones are in flight mode. Download GBWhatsapp apk Latest Version 2022.

WhatsApp without Internet How do I activate

To begin, this new feature is only available to desktop users. This feature is especially beneficial if you use WhatsApp on a desktop computer. Update your WhatsApp first. Go to your phone’s WhatsApp settings and turn on the feature. Select Linked Devices after that. Multi-Device Beta is now available. To participate in the beta version, click on the link. On your desktop, open WhatsApp now. Everything is now set up just the way you like it. You can now use WhatsApp on your laptop even if your phone has an internet name. You can expect WhatsApp to make use of the internet connection on your laptop going forward.

In addition, multi-device WhatsApp support is offered.

It’s now possible to use the same WhatsApp account across four different devices with the new beta version of the desktop, but only with the web version, rather than different phone apps. WhatsApp won’t work for me. As previously mentioned, in order to make use of the multi-device feature, you must join the beta program.

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