Drones with Cellular Connectivity to Launch Soon, says Report

According to a news report, over 13% of drones are expected to offer support for advanced cellular connectivity and embedded SIMs globally by the end of 2022. The market for drones has been observed to gain large growth in the recent years. This could be a result of the increase in the count of commercial applications of drones. Cellular connectivity is said to be critical for emerging use cases such

Google Pay Send Rolls Out as Peer-to-peer Payments Service Integrated with Google Pay

Google is looking to make Google Pay, its digital payments solution, a one-stop place to ask and send money. In this regard, the search engine giant has integrated Google Pay Send, its peer-to-peer payments service, into Google Pay. It has also incorporated more features in the payments solution. For instance, just as Apple Pay, users will be able to take advantage of mobile ticketing for concerts, movies, and travel. Under

How do Face Recognition and Object Recognition Work in Computers?

After computers recognizing human faces, AI systems are now showcasing their ability to classify objects in videos and photographs. Eager to vest vision skills in all types of machines, businesses and government agencies have gained a whole lot of interest in this ability. These machines could be medical scanners that can detect skin cancer, in-store cameras, personal robots, drones, or self-driving cars. Then there are smartphones which could be unlocked

Third-part Developers Allegedly Receive Permission from Google to Scan Gmail Accounts

According to an international news company’s recent update, third-party app developers have been given the permission by Google to scan through Gmail accounts of users. Until today, the search engine giant has been assuring users of the security and privacy of their personal data. While it has not yet commented on the update, those users who have signed up for shopping price comparisons and other email-based services may have their

New Mobile Airbag to come Handy to Save Smartphone if Dropped

While smartphones have leaped in every respect from the earliest one, preventing a smartphone from damage in the event of an accidental drop was so far not yet addressed. It takes only a moment for touchscreen phones to lose all the investment or even extend to negative if complete replacement is required, such as in iPhone, in the event of a damage. After dealing with the problem for many years

New Technology to Revolutionize Wireless Security

Wi-Fi security has taken a giant step forward after almost 14 years. It is with the recent launch of the WPA3. This is because WPA3 standard enables customized encryption to protect data from eavesdropping from within the WiFi network. The WPA3 is a much more evolved of the WPA2 which was rolled out in 2004. But the latter allowed deployment of “wired” pointed out, an offline dictionary attack aimed at

Rice-Grain Sized Computer Developed at University of Michigan

In March, IBM created the world’s smallest computer. Presently, a group at the University of Michigan have made a gadget that measures only 0.3 mm to a side – around 1/tenth the extent of IBM’s rendition is too little to have regular radio recieving wires. Rather, it gets and transmits information with obvious light. A base station gives light to power and programming, and it gets the information.  Notwithstanding the

Google Assistant Now Communicates without Frequent 'OK Google' or 'Hello Google'

Innovation giant Google on Thursday took off ‘Continued Conversation’, a virtual colleague include it had guaranteed at its Conference in May. Obviously, numerous individuals have been complaining that they need to include “Hello Google” before each subsequent inquiry for the Assistant, so Google made it so you’ll just need to utilize that particular voice order the first occasion when you begin a discussion. In its endeavor to streamline the way

Researchers at IIT Roorke Discover Technology to Build Bricks from Plastic Waste

The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorke, has yet again proven itself, as researchers from that institute have developed a technology to produce tiles and bricks by using plastic waste. The main substance required is polymer substance, which a high density polyethylene material (HDPE). Other substances required are fibrous substance and a chemical that is developed in the institute. For the general formation, one requires any plastic waste that can be

Demand for Lithium-ion Batteries Exponentially Rising in Energy Sector

Recent advances in technology have transformed the way people connect with each other. The evolution from telegrams to telephones and now smartphones have revolutionized urban living. Globally the demand for smartphones is rising at an exponential pace. This increasing demand has created huge opportunities for the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery market. Lithium ion batteries have become an important component in the energy sector. Due to the increasing application of lithium ion

Is IoT End-to-End Solution for Everything from Household Chores to Mishaps?

Technologically driven era is remarkably changing the pattern of living that have been adopted by human till date. The main drive for this change will be ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. Technology is now the driving force in almost all the sectors, where automation has influenced majorly the industrial sector. Now, the time is to inhabit automation in our homes, where everything will be interconnected justifying to the concept of smart

Revolutionizing the Banking Sector through AL and ML

A few years back banking seemed a different sort of chores but with technological advancements that have changed and uplifted the entire banking sector. Globally the traditional banking sector have been transformed and have made virtually all businesses available. Banking is no longer the same old customer centric but it is advancing towards achieving higher competitive edge by proposing customers with personalized digital banking experience. The main concentration of the

Building Smarter Homes through Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart technologies are gradually tending towards being the next big thing on the planet. Several sectors and industries are on the verge of attaining reckon through the usage of smart technologies. Smart devices, in essence, refer to digital appliances, gadgets, or systems that can connect with other systems to provide enhanced experiences. It is anticipated that smart devices will act as the harbingers of smart homes due to their ability

Need to Change Cyber Activity Framework for Russia and US

Cyber attacks have been a matter of concern for businesses, governments, and international bodies. Post the Russian cyber assault that happened on Estonia in 2007, researchers and experts in the domain of cyber security are devising ways to mitigate cyber attacks that can have global consequences. Russia played a major role in the US presidential elections of 2016 by launching campaigns and marketing hacks for candidates. Hence, the dependence of

NVIDIA’s Computer Jet Xavier could Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence Technology

The need for swift processes within industries has brought autonomous machines and technologies to the fore. The pressure on the industrial and commercial units is expected to further increase as the need for faster processes and better delivery rises. NVIDIA has made an important advancement in this regard by offering a new platform that is meant to support and subsist autonomous machines of various types. The platform, called Isaac, is

Family Location Tracking Feature in Microsoft’s Android Launcher

In a new development by Microsoft, the software giant is planning to introduce a new feature of family-location tracking in its upcoming android launcher app. As the name itself suggests the app would be used by people to track their family’s location. Information regarding the apps that are functional on a device will also be a part of the new update by Microsoft. Family location feature has been a matter

Blockchain Technology Could End Dominance of FANG on Internet

FANG refers to the group of four of the most reckoned companies on the internet viz. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet’s Google. These four names have dominated the internet over the past decade and have left little room for the emergence of new companies on the internet. However, blockchain technology is expected to put an end to the streak of dominance of FANG. Blockchain technology is a database software technology

New Device Could Read Graphs on Computer

In the field of data sciences, a complex structure of lines and nodes that is representative of data is known as a graph. These graphs are used for a variety of purposes including study of social networks, performance of web pages, and analysing the structure of neurons in the brain. A graph can have billions of lines and nodes, thus, making it heavy in size and configuration. Multiple servers need

Programming Robots to Acquire Knowledge like Humans

The ability of computers to replace humans for a variety of tasks has aided several domains and industries. However, computers are still far from being able to function as humans because of the huge difference in the way the two entities learn and acquire knowledge. An article published in a journal named ‘Science’ reveals that a number of fundamental changes to the learning algorithm of computers need to effectuated in

Team of Researchers to Develop Location Awareness for Internet of Things

The critical strain that has been anticipated regarding the ability of the fifth generation networks to maintain a track of a fast-growing number of mobile devices by some of the engineers at the Tufts University. The team have come up with an enhanced algorithm for tracking and localizing these products which helps in distributing the task among all the devices themselves. The solution offered by the team of engineers, which