Investors and Clients to benefit with Ripple Technology Improvement

Ripple, a renowned payment protocol for financial transactions including those pertaining to cryptocurrency is devising a plan to enhance its technology. This enhancement in payment network technology concerning cryptocurrency is not only going to be beneficial for end users but for ripple investors too. To shed light on the matter, the company recently launched two white papers. One white paper discussed about the algorithm underlying the payment platform whereas the

New Computer Chip to Use less Power and Enhance Computing Speed

Researchers at Princeton University have designed a new form of computer chip that improves the performance and reduces power consumption of artificial-intelligence systems. This computer chip, coupled with some programming languages, could be majorly beneficial for gadgets such as smartphones, watches and other devices that consume more battery power. A technique known as in-memory computing is developed to overcome an analytical issue that compels processors to spend more energy and

Connected Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions Market - Increase Efficiency and Decrease Downtime Creates Growth Opportunity

Asset lifecycle management is the strategic control, visibility, and accountability for the asset throughout every stage (procurement, installation, operation, maintenance, and upgrade). Across asset-intensive industries, including power and utilities, companies are increasingly realizing value for improving asset uptime, enhancing customer service, and advance performance predictability. To improve asset performance and efficiency, a coordinated approach is needed to deliver required change. Companies are seeking ways to reduce operating cost through industrial

Internet of Things in Logistics Market - Smart and Fast Automation Techniques is Driving Growth Factor

Internet of Things (IoT) in logistics is an integrated and hardware-agnostic architecture that connects all smart devices such as sensors, vehicles, and equipment. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions allow the achievement of high levels of operational efficiency with respect to cargo integrity monitoring, fleet management, and automated warehouse operations. This results in improvement in the overall operational efficiency of the logistics industry. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions save all the

Wireless LAN Antennas Market - Growing Usage of Mobile Internet Data Booming Growth

The speed of wireless connection varies as per the signal strength received and transmitted. Therefore, antenna selection can have a substantial impact on the speed of the wireless link. Wireless LAN (WLAN) antennas are classified into two types i.e. Omni directional and Directional, by the direction in which they beam radio signals. Omni-directional antenna radiates signal equally in all directions, whereas Directional antennas offer a focused signal. These signals are transmitted in a

Mobile-Cloud Framework to Reduce Power Consumption of Mobile Devices

In a recent research, computer scientists at the Aston University revealed a way to substantially improve the battery life of smartphone or tablets. They further claimed that the power consumption of mobile apps was reduced by nearly 60%. Some mobile app parts that are power-hungry are first identified by tools and later moved to the cloud by using code-offloading technique, explained the scientists. Furthermore, they designed a framework for mobile-cloud

Team of Researchers Develop Drones Taking Inspiration from Wasps

Wasps are considered as one of the most loathed creepy crawlies that are living on the planet. And recently, the buzzing of these wasps have been creating some inspiration for the team of scientists. These scientists are making efforts to create a super-strong flying drones and the results of the research studies have been quite remarkable. A team of researchers from the Stanford University of California and the EPFL in

Researchers to Make Use of Smartphones to Track Alertness at Work

A team of scientists have recently developed a smartphone tool, which can completely track a person’s alertness at work and further helps in identifying when it is most productive. The tool has been named as Alertness Scanner. This tool has been developed by scientists from the University of Cornell in the U.S. that will measure the pupil size and then capture it through a gust of photographs, which are taken

Researchers of Tata Communications Reveals Perception of IoT for Different Generations

The senior vice-president and the head of Internet of Things, Tata Communications, VS Shridhar said that, the youth of India has been inspired with the increasing use of the Internet of Things and its potential in order to automate their domestic environments. However, it represents almost a fraction of potential of the Internet of Things to transform the complete society. In addition to this, the Internet of Things holds immense

Researchers Come up with Novel Method to Create Solution Processable Nanosheets

Duan and Huang, researchers form Hunan University, along with Austin Texas and UCLA have built up a novel strategy for creating enhanced MoS2 semiconducting nanosheets utilizing solution handling. In this methodology, 2D MoS2 gems are electrochemically intercalated with different vast natural ammonium salts to shape nanosheets, which can be thusly defined into an ink solution with capacity up to 20 mg/mL. Their methodology, published in the journal called Nature, includes

Researchers Provide Knowledge Platform for Apps Detecting Transport Mode

As reported by a new study, published in the Journal of ACM, apps will soon be able to detect the transportation mode used by commuters and intelligently provide relevant information, tips and advice. The researchers say that machine learning techniques that were developed in a global competition could result in smartphones being able to predict the road conditions and level of traffic, provide efficient recommendation for routes and parking, and

ARL Designs Algorithm to Track Soldiers without Using GPS

Soldiers working in remote or challenged conditions don’t generally get the dependably predictable GPS signal that regular people finding their way to an eatery have turned out to be utilized to. In the field, warfighters may need to manage intricate, jumbled situations that can hinder or jam signals. They additionally must be set up in the event that an enemy jams signals or even annihilates the satellites vital for GPS

5G Wireless Standard Could Carry Traceability Risks, says Swiss Study

Some security issues and gaps in the 5G communication standard have been exposed by Swiss researchers from the Information Security Group. Yes, the latest wireless communication standard has been subjected to security protocol verification protocol, named Tamarin. Under Tamarin, the standard has been subjected to a series of tests. A team of researchers, headed by David Basin, a professor of Information Security at ETH have studied the specifications of the

Wi-Fi Technology Gets New Number-Based Nomenclature

The Wi-Fi Alliance, a group behind the “Wi-Fi Certified” logo on fundamentally every Wi-Fi empowered gadget out there, are in charge of the naming of Wi-Fi nomenclature, for example, 802.11ab and 802.11n. It couldn’t be any more obvious, in the event that you have ever been shopping for a new Wi-Fi router or even a cell phone, you know how dealing with specificiations that read something like a/b/g/n or 802.11ac,

How Europe’s E-Privacy Regulation will Affect IoT

It has been months since the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) has been in effect. The key objective of this law is to create effective standards for protection of data in Europe and to adapt the methods of data security into technological advances. Furthermore, the “E-Privacy Regulation” was initially likewise to come into effect as succeeding the original Directive, however it presently looks like it will probably come

UK’s Co-Op Goes Italian with Novamont, Striles Deal to Replace Traditional Plastic Bags

Co-Operative, which is one of Britain’s largest merchant, has collaborated with Italian bioplastics aggregate Novamont to supplant conventional plastic transporter sacks at its stores with biodegradable ones, as reported recently. The move is a piece of another hard-hitting moral technique propelled on 27 September by the Co-operative, which will see around 60 million conventional single utilize plastic transporter packs, equivalent to 340 tons of plastic, evacuated in a staged rollout.

Fraunhofer IZM Develops Flexible Batteries for Smart Wearables

Batteries have been our inconspicuous friends for quite a long time. They are typically used in convenient radios, torches and cell phones. Just when we need to charge our cell phone each night, it ends up evident that there is space for innovative change. Aside from that, up to now there has never been a specific motivation to give batteries much idea. This has now changed with time. Two critical

Backed by Tech Giants, US to Take Fundamental Measures for Data Security

Apple, Google, Amazon and Twitter have tossed their weight behind a national data protection law for the USA following quite a while of campaigning against such endeavors. In June, California passed a law giving more capacity to purchasers by enabling them to see data gathered on them by vast firms and to ask for its cancellation. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which became effective in May, powers organizations

Google Email Being Read by Third Party Vendors, Google Still Defends Policy

Google Inc. advised legislators it keeps on enabling different organizations to output and offer information from Gmail accounts, reacting to questions raised on Capitol Hill about protection and potential abuse of the data contained in clients’ messages. At whatever point you click the “Sign in With Google” button on an organization’s site, you’re giving the app or administration access to a portion of your data. While now and again that

University of California Analysts Present WiFi-Powered Crowd Counting

Researchers have given the principal exhibition of crowd counting through dividers utilizing just ordinary correspondence flags, for example, WiFi. Conceived by a group at the University of California Santa Barbara, the strategy could have applications in keen vitality administration, retail business and security. “Our proposed approach makes it conceivable to appraise the quantity of individuals inside a room from outside,” said Mostofi, a teacher of electrical and PC building at