Inefficiency of Wheelchairs in Rowing People Across Long Distances Upticks Demand Within Global Mobility Scooter Market

The global market for mobility scooters has gained momentum on account of the inclinations of people towards better technologies. A mobility scooter is a replacement for wheelchairs, and it operates on a battery fitted within its system. The movement of handicapped persons is easier with the help of mobility scooters against wheelchairs. Moreover, these scoters can cover longer distances without causing fatigue to the rider. Two types of mobility scooter

Semiconductor Curve Tracer Market: Advances Made in Chip Functionality and Innovations Made in Board Designs to Bolster Demand

A new report penned by Transparency Market Research (TMR), titled “Semiconductor Curve Tracer Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017–2025,” offers comprehensive insights into the key growth drivers, notable trends, promising avenues, recent technological advancements, and the competitive landscape. The study tracks the share and size of prominent segments in the semiconductor curve tracer market and presents in-depth assessment of current and emerging application areas

Flight Management Systems Market To See Soaring Demand Due to Better Flight Safety Offered by Them

The global flight management systems market is anticipated to witness a noticeable growth within Athe forecast period from 2017 to 2025. Flight management systems is one of the key component in aviation systems in modern aircrafts. These systems automatically carry out various in-flight operations and thus lessen the workload for aircraft crew, especially flight engineers and navigators. The flight management system is bifurcated into two major functions – flight planning

Keep Your Personal Details Safe while Accessing Websites and Apps, with Polisis

By now we all know that there are many websites and apps which are used to collect our personal data and then sell the collected data. However, users are unable to distinguish between authentic and those websites or apps which are actually created just for collecting and selling personal data. But thanks to researchers from EPFL, there has been a development of a program which can instantly tell you which

MIT Researchers Develop Chip that Boosts Speed of Neural Network Computations

Neural nets are extremely large and hence their computations are not practical for handheld devices as they are energy intensive. Many of the smartphones which depend on neural nets just upload the data to internet servers, which then processes this data and later sends the results back to the smartphone. Researchers from the MIT University have developed a special purpose chip that boosts the speed of neural network computations by

AI Systems and Not Just Humans Prone to Skin Type Bias

Major technology companies have demonstrated that gender biases and skin type biases are important factors in commercial facial analysis programs. In these experiments the error rate which determine the darker skinned women to 20% in one case and about 34% in other cases. The error in determining the gender of light skin men was 0.8%. These findings reveal and raise questions regarding how neural networks today which perform computational tasks

Awareness Amongst Consumers Plays Integral in Escalating Demand Within Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Market

The market for network function virtualization (NFV) is gaining popularity due to the high levels of computerization. NFW is essentially a paradigm shift from hardware to software within the telecom industry. The market is expected to keep gaining momentum as the need for better software crops across several industrial domains. Software segment has dominated the market over the past years and is expected to retain its dominance. The prominence of

Automotive Computer Chips Market: Popularity of Self-Driven Cars to Accelerate Market Growth,

Automotive Computer Chips Market – Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, And Forecasts 2017 – 2025” by Transparency Market Research is the newest addition to its repository of extensive and varied market intelligence studies. The above-mentioned market intelligence report delves into and gauges each of the facets of the international market landscape of the automotive computer chips. The research publication offers an all-inclusive assessment of the international market for automotive

Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) to Witness Burgeoning Use in Government and Military Sector

The drive for mobile satellite service (MSS) stems from the pressing need for a wireless two-way voice and data communications for users who are in the remote locations. MSS consists of networks of communications satellites which meet the wireless needs of users who can’t access wired networks across any part of the globe. MSS has been popularly used in the sectors such as government, aviation, and maritime. Their use has

Visually Impaired People can Now Interpret Images with Browser Extension

None of us can ever imagine browsing over the internet without images however those who are visually impaired make use of computers without any images. Although users are able to access the content by making use of screen reading technology, which offers written descriptions in order for blind people to interpret the images if there is any, some website Developers include descriptions of images in the cold in order to

New 4-D Goggles to Enhance User Experience by Giving a Feeling of being 'touched' by Approaching Object

A pair of 4D goggles has been developed by researchers from the UC San Diego and San Diego State University which enables wearers to be physically touched during a movie when the see an object on the screen such as an approaching car. Based on the study which was conducted by neuroscientists in order to map the brain areas which integrate touch of looming object and site of the looming

Vision Sensors Market: Advancements in Automation and Thriving Consumer Electronics Industries Driving Demand

Transparency Market Research has published a new report, titled “Vision Sensors Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”According to the report, the primary reason fuelling the demand for vision sensors is the burgeoning growth of the electronics and electrical industry. With an increasing demand for consumer electronics, the uptake of vision sensors will continue to rise. These sensors also find extensive use in the

Need for Measuring Smartness of AI Devices

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized our lives by offering technologies that make use of algorithms which help them learn from our behaviour. As artificial intelligence develops further and starts to think  and not only just learn from our human behaviour, do we understand the impact of these machines on our jobs? We are walking towards the world with the different aspects of our daily lives controlled by these systems and

Robot to Entertain and Serve Coffee at a Tokyo Cafe

There is a new coffee house in the Japanese capital where robot barista brew and serve delicious coffee to customers. The robot called Sawyer who made a debut this week at Henna Cafe at Shibuya, downtown shopping and business district of Tokyo. The name of the coffee shop means “strange café” in Japanese. This single-armed robot greets customers and scans tickets that have been purchased from a vending machine. Serving

New Techniques to Teach Robots to Perform Tasks Following Human Instructions

In a joint effort, University of Texas at Austin and researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have come up with new techniques for computer programmes or robots so as to learn how to accomplish tasks through interaction with a human instructor. The findings obtained from this research will be presented before and published at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February

Samsung Electronics to Offer Storage Drive for High-end Applications

Samsung Electronics has come up with a storage drive that can store up to 800-gigabyte (GB) of data. This solid state storage drive has been named the SZ985 Z-SSD™ and is to be used for the most progressive enterprise applications and that comprise supercomputing for the analysis of Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is popularly known as. The brand new Z-SSD to make an offering of a new level

Smart Water Meter Market: Benefits in Managing Water Leakages to Increase Uptake

The global market for smart water meter is likely to benefit from the vast advantages of smart water meters such as clear and dependable data pertaining to real-time water consumption, benefits in saving water losses, and proactive and predictive services for water utility companies. A recent report by Transparency Market Research estimate that the market will expand at a healthy rate over the period between 2017 and 2025. The report

‘Artificial Brains’ to Get Their Missing Piece in Superconducting Synapse

The NIST switch, depicted in Science Advances, is also known as a synapse. It is similar to its biological partner. It also supplies a missing part for a supposed neuromorphic PCs. Imagined as a latest kind of artificial intelligence element, these PCs could help in enhancing the view-point and basic decision- making tasks for applications, for example, self-driving automobiles and tumor detection. A neural connection or synapse is a switch

Voice Over Internet Communication Not as Safe as You Think

A new a novel method for enhancing the protection of crypto phones from attacks, eavesdropping and other forms of man in the middle attacks has been developed by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Crypto phones consists of mobile devices, web-based voice over internet protocol applications, smartphone apps, personal computer that make use of end-to-end encryption in order to make sure that only the person they are communicating

3D Star Wars like Projections Developed by Scientists at BYU

Holography expert, Daniel Smalley, along with his team has devised a way to display 3D images that appear to float in air. A 3-D floating picture isn’t a multi-dimensional image, and it offers more noteworthy lucidity and detail. A multi-dimensional image is a photographic chronicle of a light field, used to show a completely three-dimensional picture of the holographed subject. This can be seen without the guide of special glasses