New Technologies Changing Transportation Sector Big Time

University of California’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center has revealed insights on the travel sector. As per its co-director Susan Shaheen, the sector would see many game-changing developments in the next couple of years. This could change the way we travel altogether. This, of course means, much more seamless transportation powered by latest technologies. It also means more number of transportation choices, including electric scooters and bikes. Some the key trends,

Keyless Entry System Market - Increasing Demand In The Developing Countries and The Need For Real Time Information

Keyless entry system is technology that provides physical access to an individual inside any premises or automotive without the use of a mechanical key for performing the locking and unlocking operation. Keyless entry system provides an enhanced convenience and security to the users. In case of a keyless entry system, the users get secure and authorized access to an automotive or premise with the use of various external devices or

Self-Driving Cars to Get Enhanced Vision with Improved AI Camera

Stanford researchers have designed an artificial intelligence (AI) camera that can perceive questions speedier, and could be utilized to enable autonomous vehicles to more readily explore through deterrents. The image recognition technology that underlies the present autonomous cars and airborne automatons relies upon computerized reasoning: the computers basically train themselves to perceive objects like a person on foot crossing the road, a dog, or a halted auto. The issue is

Scientists at Baidu Develop ‘Apollo’ for Auto-tuning Self-Driving Vehicles

Scientists at Chinese multinational tech organization Baidu have as of late built up an information driven auto-tuning system for self-driving vehicles in light of the Apollo self-sufficient driving stage. Baidu, China’s largest search organization, is a relative newcomer to the quickly developing self-sufficient vehicle market, having started take a shot at its self-driving autos just around five years prior. Google began taking a shot at its self-driving-car venture (now known

Does the Rise of Autonomous Cars Mean the Death of Parking?

  One doesn’t search for the quintessence of a city in its landmarks or its galleries. It is found in its lanes, where the pledge at the center of urban life—the sharing of room—plays out. For as far back as century, the individual car has overwhelmed that field, forming the roads and situations around it. Streets are straight and wide for quicker travel; crossing points are controlled to secure occupied

AI Technology Now to Be Self-Sourced by Tesla into Their Cars

Tesla needs to manufacture everything in-house. The organization has declared that it is building its own AI chips which determination the self-driving vehicles without bounds. The self-driving innovation is to be utilized as a part of Tesla’s Model 3, Model X and Model S Autopilot frameworks, and as per Musk, it will give its self-ruling vehicles extra preparing power. Tesla Director Pete Bannon clarified the new chip – which will

Brain-to-vehicle Intelligence for Real-time Autonomous Drive Personalization

Development of brain activity analysis and real-time detection continues to gather pace in the car industry with the advancement of cutting-edge technology. In order to improve real-time autonomous drive personalization and driver performance in their automobiles, Nissan is using a similar technology that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. Interestingly, the brain-to-vehicle technology used by the car manufacturer is said to be the first of its kind.

New Electric Vehicle Charger Can do Job in 8 Minutes

While electric vehicles are no doubt the future of the transportation industry, there are still a lot many things that need to be worked out before they can be rolled out in a full-fledged manner. One such big issue is the limited range on account of batteries running out of charge. Besides, it’s time consuming to recharge the batteries. To overcome the problem, ABB has unveiled a new model for

Accommodating Visually Impaired into Self Driving Cars

The year 2012 saw a blind Steve Mahan drive a self-driving car into the premises of a Taco Bell in a viral video. This video showcased the potential of the autonomous car technology, which could possible change a visually impaired person’s life. Mahan mentioned how amazing he felt he took sat behind a steering wheel for the first time in over 7 years. Analysts in favor of the technology say

LSEV Represents Bolder Scale of 3D Printing for Automobiles

Polymaker and X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) have made an announcement in a joint press conference that they have developed the first 3D-printed electric car that is mass-producible. The 3D printing material firm had provided materials for different parts of the car created by the Italy-based electric car company named LSEV. Ideal for easy parking, the automobile carries the look of an around-town car. The anticipated cost of the car may

Whom to Blame for Accidents Involving Driverless Vehicles?

Uber self-driving car that killed a pedestrian in the U.S. has raised concerns in the minds of people regarding the reliability of autonomous vehicles. A bigger question that has been raised is: Who could be blamed for self-driving car accidents in case of full or partial autonomy? When it comes to human-driven cars, the blame could be put on the driver since they are in control. However, it is not

Automotive Connecting Rod Market - Connecting Rods Finds Application In Farming, Industrial And Automotive Engines

Connecting rod is considered an integral component in the internal combustion of an automobile’s engine. It is a linkage between crankshaft and piston. The main purpose of connecting rod is to transfer the translational motion of piston to rotational motion of crankshaft. Connecting rods transmit power from the piston to the crankshaft and delivers transmission. There are various materials and manufacturing processes used for the manufacturing of connecting rods such

Automotive Parking Heater Market: Mobile Applications for Controlling Automotive Parking Heater Becoming a Trend

Transparency Market Research has published a new report, titled “Automotive Parking Heater Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” According to the report, this market is benefiting immensely from the growth of aftermarket do-it-yourself solutions market. With the increasing popularity of DIY products, the focus of vendors is now shifting towards this direction. Customers are increasingly preferring DIY products because of their portability,

TD-LTE Ecosystem Market: Emergence of Smartphones and Increasing Popularity of Social Media to Boost Demand

Emergence of smartphones and developing networks such as 3G and 4G connections are demanding for advanced TD-LTE solutions. LTE increases the speed and capacity of communication networks while interfacing various radio spectrums with core network. Efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of the technology are few of the factors that are fetching demands for TD-LTE services. However, high cost associated with architectural changes and complexity of the technology are factors that