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New Hyundai GRAND i10 Review, Features And Performance

It had been almost 3 years that Hyundai has introduced a new car in Indian market after the success of i10 and i20 there was a void in Hyundai lineup for India. Though there was ERA but that 800 cc car was strictly for the first time buyer. Grand i10 falls in between i10 and i20 it is a bit big when compared with i10 but bit small when compared with i20.

Though still in testing stage the car is going to hit the road somewhere near Diwali this year in India let’s have a close look at this car from Hyundai.

Design and Features

The car as it is in testing stage is still camouflaged and is very difficult to tell in detail about the design but one thing is quiet clear that though named after i10 the car except from the fluid design does not borrow much from the i10 according to the leaked detail and photograph it much bigger and more stylish than i10 it’s more like i20 bigger and with premium design. The looks as always is the case with Hyundai car is quiet excellent. With a new tail light and a dual tone alloy wheels the car looks stunning.

As already mentioned the car is camouflaged so it is difficult to tell about interior, but according to leak reports the driving seat is quiet comfortable with premium plastic cabin which feels premium to the steering wheel which is nice to hold is quiet comfortable and is adjustable too, Like the i10, the gear lever is ergonomically placed on the dashboard.

The car has got a nice boot space perhaps the largest in this segment the leg space is also good both for driver as well as the rear passenger the head space and shoulder space is also quiet good there is also first-in-class features like rear a/c vents and built-in audio memory. With steering mounted audio control, Bluetooth and push start button the features are also quiet premium.

Performance, Ride and Handling

There are two engines to choose from in the GRAND i10 – an all-new 1.1 litre U2 diesel and 1.2 litre Kappa petrol. There is an automatic version for petrol model whereas both the model is available with five speed manual gearbox, the diesel engine runs on three cylinder the running is quiet smooth with a low noise level it is near-silent when idling, though there is a little turbo lag but the gear ratio are quiet spread out for city drive though the pickup is not up to the mark the car is fun to drive at highway also.

Though Hyundai has not revealed the fuel economy but if sources are to be believed it is going to the best fuel efficient diesel car in India with mileage up to 26 KM/L.

So going by the limited information it can be safely said that grand i10 is well-sculpted, well-equipped, practical and affordable hatchback it will be interesting to see what is the price tag that Hyundai put around this car.

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