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CYBORG GT 120 Electric Bike Review, Price, Features and Battery Backup

As the country’s need for strong electric motorcycles grows, new possibilities are beginning to appear. Ignitron MotoCorp, an Indian startup, has unveiled its third high-speed electric sports bike, the GT120.

CYBORG GT 120 Electric Bike Review

Power sport bikes have a tendency to look like this. However, its powertrain is its greatest asset. 125 kilometres per hour is the maximum speed it is capable of reaching. This bike can supposedly travel 180 kilometres in 4 to 6 hours of charging time, according to the manufacturer.

CYBORG GT 120 Electric Bike Price

The cost has yet to be disclosed by the business. Details on its introduction and availability will be made public next month. There are two colour options for this bike: Black and Dark Purple.

CYBORG GT 120 Electric Bike Features

The bike’s groundbreaking design is complemented by a slew of features that make daily commutes easier and long-distance trips more enjoyable. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the GT 120 bike has a range of 180 kilometres and can reach a top speed of 125 kilometres per hour. GPS, Bluetooth, USB charging, Key Less Ignition (Remote Control), and a Digital Cluster are all included in the bike’s new features.

CYBORG GT 120 Electric Bike Battery Backup

A 15 amp home charger is included with the battery, which gives 4-5 hours of battery life with 100% charge and is weatherproof and touch-safe. It takes 2.5 seconds to go from 0 to 40 kilometres per hour on this bike. A rider can choose between three different modes of operation: “Eco,” “Normal,” or “Sport.” In addition, the motorcycle has a reverse mode and parking aid with numerous noises for added convenience.

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