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Top 10 blasting iPhone Game’s of 2013

Every new month, a collection of the latest games at the Apple App Store are released for game-lovers. In the month of May, different genres of iPhone games, from racing games to classical, unicorn and many others available to freshen up your mind and make you stress-free. It’s time to take note of brand new and prominent apps for the iOs devices to make users more delighted and appreciate developers by appraising their iPhone Game Development task.


A complete package of challenging physics-based puzzles, Mittens gives an amazing experience of playing games. Swing on trapezes, Flying through the air, sliding across buildings and many more activities Mittens has to do by using dozens of objects. The Player has to play as Mittens the cat to gather milk, balloons and other gifts in order to win the heart of his dream girl. Moreover, you have to stay away from dangerous traps and tricky characters.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is one of the excellent games of all, but isn’t a new game. Players can able to play this game on their Facebook account in weekly tournaments against their Facebook friends. While playing this game, you can able to send gifts, invite your Facebook friends and do lots more things. Moreover, one can able to send free bird coins for the exclusive tutorials.

The Other Brothers

The Other Brothers is a platform available with a mix of classic and non-linear environments. While playing this interesting game, you have to jump, run, collect and race against the clock in a modern take on that time-tested genre! Get ready to join The Other Brothers in this adventurous game for traversing junkyards, sewers, cities, and more.

Heads Up!

Heads Up! is one of the hilarious new games that can be played with one or one hundred friends at the same time. At the time of playing this game, you have to draw a new card by tilting your phone. Moreover, you can able to share videos of games on social networking websites.

Fast & Furious 6 The Game

‘Fast & Furious 6 the Game’ is one of the interesting racing games, especially played by boys. Players can ride cars and win on the London street scene and earn rewards from “Fastest” drivers. Additionally, they can able to customize, gather and upgrade a slew of high-end licensed vehicles, including the classic 1970 Dodge Charger and many more supercars with marvelous graphics.

Cut the Rope Time Travel

Cut the Rope Time Travel is an adventurous game filled with candy-crunching, time-traveling and physics-based action! Om Nom has to travel back in time for feeding his ancestors with candy. Playing this game brings fun for you; however, you have to feed two cute monsters in every level.

fall down! 2

The addictive gameplay is back with FallDown! 2. Playing this game, one can have to use the traditional tilt controls or the new touch controls for racing down the maze. Moreover, one should have to avoid being caught by the laser and collect stars and Dodge bombs for unlocking new stages.

Impossible Road

Impossible Road is all about playing pure, minimal arcade games by taking a maximum risk. This interesting game can be played on iPhone; iPad and iPod touch for beating your friends by giving them tough challenges. While playing this game, you have to control the speed of the roller coaster and have to jump, banked curves, navigate hairpin bends and adverse camber in the mission for the perfect line. One of the best things about playing this game is that you can enjoy the game with an excellent techno soundtrack.

The list of the best iPhone Game of 2013 is not limited. There are many other unique iPhone development projects done for creating a collection of interesting games. Moreover, game-lovers, who want to enjoy the latest games of their choice, can hire iPhone Game Developer from the reputed iPhone Development Company.

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