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Free Fire Game Ban: Will Free Fire return to India again?

Free Fire, a popular mobile gaming app, was recently banned in India. However, there is still a chance that the game will be brought back to India.

The Singapore government and the Indian government are engaged in negotiations on this issue. According to reliable sources, the Singapore government has asked the Indian government why the Free Fire app was included in the Chinese app ban category despite the fact that it has no connection to China. Singapore is the company’s headquarters.

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Singapore has expressed its displeasure with the Indian government over the app Free Fire being blocked. India recently banned 54 apps, one of which was Free Fire. These apps have been accused of sending user data to servers in China, according to reports.

Free Fire Game No Data Storage in China

A subsidiary of Technology Group C Limited manages and operates Free Fire Games (Sea Ltd). Garena, a Singapore-based gaming publisher, was founded in 2009 by Singaporeans of Chinese descent, Sea Ltd. Sea Ltd has requested a response from the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology on this matter. In addition, Free Fire’s parent company is based in Singapore, according to information provided in writing. This company does not store data in China.

Also, Google has been contacted by the company to explain why the app was removed from the Google Play Store on their behalf. However, no response has yet been received in this matter.

Free Fire is Singapore based company

According to the company, we do not store or transfer any personal data from Indian users to China in any form. Indian law is complied with, according to the company, which claims to be entirely Singapore-based. A statement from China expressed serious concern about the situation and stated that it expects India to treat all foreign investors equally.

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