Network Roll-out Services Market- Rise In Demand For Faster And Reliable Communication Networks

Network roll-out services offer a total suite of services that address Mobile Broadband, Packet Transport, Transmission, IP, Fiber, and Multi-Vendor Networks for administrators and other industry clients. Network roll-out services are preferred by telcos, as they provide low cost of total ownership, quality results, and faster time to launch their products/services in the market.

Major factors fueling the network roll-out services market include rise in demand for faster and reliable communication networks, increase in adoption of optical communication, and reduction in capital investment. The global telecommunications market is undergoing continuous transformation owing to the ongoing innovations and developments taking place consistently and at a rapid pace. Network roll-out services witnessed significant demand due to various factors such as long distance signal transmission, transmission security, low attenuation, high bandwidth, smaller diameter, and lightweight structure. The application of network roll-out services has led to reduced expenses of panels, bays, cabling, labor installation, inconvenience of increased floor space, and congested cable racks. A key driver of the market is that the service provides excellent operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning capabilities. Developments in network roll-out technologies have contributed to the ongoing deployment of high volume data transmission and also facilitated the technology to offer multiple benefits for ongoing network Capital Expense (CAPEX) reduction and sustained Operational Expense (OPEX) savings. The market provides opportunities to large telecom enterprises in order to provide efficient networking solutions.

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The network roll-out services market can be segmented based on service type, network type, and transmission type. Based on service type, the network roll-out services market can be classified into active services and passive services. Based on network type, the market can be segregated into wired and wireless network. In terms of transmission type, the network roll-out services market can be categorized into GSM, CDMA, microwave transmission, optical transmission, WiMAX, and Broadband Networks. Based on region, the global network roll-out services market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

North America is expected to be a major market for network roll-out services, followed by the Europe. Early adoption of 5G and the availability of supporting infrastructure in developed regions are anticipated to be major factors driving the network roll-out services market in North America and Europe. Expansion of the market in Asia Pacific is expected to be driven by countries including China, India, and Japan, which have witnessed a major adoption of such services in the last few years and are becoming a hub of medium as well as small vendors in the region. The Middle East & Africa and South America regions are expected to show a steady growth in the years to come. Country-wise network roll-out service has high penetration rates in Spain and South Korea, followed by Germany, Mexico, Argentina, the U.S., France, Brazil, Romania, and Colombia.

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