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TAGG Verve Connect Smartwatch launched in India Check Price, Calling Features, Release Date

Verve Connect, Tagg’s new smartwatch, is now available in India. The calling feature of TAGG Verve Connect was recently introduced to the market. In addition, the TAGG Verve Connect has a 1.7-inch color display.

TAGG Verve Connect Smartwatch Price

Flipkart will begin selling the TAGG Verve Connect on April 2 at a price of Rs 2,799.

TAGG Verve Connect Smartwatch Display

TAGG Verve Connect also includes a number of health-related options. This Tagg smartwatch has a display refresh rate of 60hz. 100 contacts can be saved in this. Aside from that, users will have the option of making phone calls or watching calls.

TAGG Verve Connect Smartwatch Memory

TAGG Verve Connect includes the RTL8762C chipset. In addition, it has a memory capacity of 128MB. This watch has a built-in spO2 sensor for monitoring heart rate. There’s a 2.5mm AAC driver, and it has an IP68 water-resistant rating. As a result, it will be unaffected by water.

TAGG Verve Connect Smartwatch Connectivity 

Tag’s women’s health tracking feature is also included in this watch. It features Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. In addition, it has a microphone and a speaker. More than 150 watch faces are included with this device. In addition, you will be able to customize the strap to your liking.

TAGG Verve Connect Smartwatch Battery

In TAGG Verve Connect, there are 24 sports modes. It does not come equipped with a GPS. The TAGG Verve Connect’s battery life is claimed to be 5-6 days. There are three colors of this Tag watch available: Rose Gold, Silver, and Black.

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