Choose The Jewellery Android App Of Your Dreams

Looking good and feeling great is an important aspect of how we like to enjoy our lives. And choosing beautiful jewellery is certainty part of that overall package. A diamond ring can speak volumes as can that sumptuous sapphire necklace. But sometimes we are constrained to logistics and rarely have the time to spend visiting our favourite jewellers. SO what happens when we simply must add a new item to our existing collection, but due to work or family commitments, are unable to make the journey? Buying jewellery online is on option, but some of the websites on offer are far from convincing. So how about looking at some Android Market apps that claim to offer a more personal experience without stepping foot into the physical shop? This article looks at some of the better apps out there that really want to put a ring on your finger!

BlingFinder – Engagement Rings by Jones & Son Diamond & Bridal Fine Jewelry

Our first Android Market Jewellery app is unashamedly dedicated to probably the most important jewellery purchase that many of us will ever make, particularly the guys out there. Engagement rings are supposed to cost the equivalent of a month’s salary, but we usually pay far more than this. So the application allows us to have a real browse before committing to that vital decision is made. How many of us feel under pressure in the jeweller’s shop and end up just agreeing to any suggestion? This app allows you to take all the time you both want and utilises a very intuitive search facility for this purpose. There are well over 1,000 rings on display and you can easily store your favourites for a later look. All of your selections can be exported to your social media profiles for some extra opinions if required. If you find the ring you love and don’t feel the need to make the purchase from the app developer, simply order the item from your local outlet and you’ll soon be a very happy couple indeed!

Appleby by Strategem iLabs – Free

Our second Android jewellery app also focuses on the all-important engagement ring but also offers a few extra features.  Appleby are a Dublin based setup that has a worldwide reputation for quality and excellent service. This app allows you to gauge your correct ring size and then offers you some of most wonderful stones to garnish your chosen band with. There are so many styles onboard that you will be spoilt for choice, but when you find your perfect design, you can start to look at the beautiful stones on offer. Appleby also have an awesome collection of loose diamonds to choose from and the grading system really explains the ins and outs of how the values are calculated. All of your selected items are shareable with whatever social media platforms you use and the delivery guarantee means you are only ever a few working days away from your most precious choices.

Android Love Bling!

If you don’t have the best choice of jewellery shops on your doorstep, try both of these apps for an absolutely fabulous selection of engagements rings – Enjoy!

Author Bio:

This post is authored by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who writes for Darryn Kidner, specialists in wedding rings in Sydney. She is fond of painting and makes it a point to visit art galleries when she is not working. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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This guest post is by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger and technology enthusiast. She uses guest posting to share her ideas about different fitness routines. She is currently a part of the team at Walk’N Comfort, an orthopedic shoe store in Toronto. You can catch up with her on Twitter @Nancy Baker. Google

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