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Kiosk Market: Retail and Healthcare Industries Flourish

The market for kiosk in North America has been expanding at a robust rate in recent times, majorly due to the need for kiosks across several industries. The market players in the North American kiosk market have become accustomed to the fluctuations of the market and have been working in accordance with the varying needs of the consumers. The market for kiosk in North America displays a scenario of intense

Emergence of Green Structures to Propel HVAC Sensors Controllers Market

The global HVAC sensors and controllers market is prognosticated to exhibit a healthy growth in the coming years, as reported by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The market’s vendor landscape is featured by intense diversification, and comprises of a large pool of global as well as regional players. New vendors are expected to focus on product quality, features, functionality and services. Market participants are additionally predicted to offer customization in order

TMR Report Detects Intense Competition in U.S. Pregnancy Products Market

As per the latest data from the Women’s Bureau of the United states Department of Labor, nearly 46.8% of the total labor force in the U.S. was constituted by women as of 2016, and the percentage will remain prominent at 47.2% by the end of 2024. For women to work, pregnancy is a major obstacle and yet an important human desire. The US government also has formulated regulations to encourage

Cloud Computing a Boon for Global Digital Commerce Platform Market

Owing to the enormous application possibilities with the merger of consumer electronics and the internet, an increasing number of companies are venturing into the digital commerce platform market, and several of them will follow the suit in the near future, making the competitive landscape further fragmented. That being said, a few companies such as Hybris AG, IBM Corporation, and Oracle Corporation do hold a position of strength and continuously expand

Blockchain Technology Market to Emerge With Magnanimous Revenue: Key Facts Behind This Rise

The global blockchain technology market depicts the presence of a highly competitive and emerging vendor landscape, says Transparency Market Research, on the basis of a recently published report. Such an intense competition mainly exists due to the presence of powerful and well-known players. Many businesses working in this market are focusing on mergers and acquisitions as key strategies, in order to gain extensive revenue. Enhancing product portfolio, bringing about geographical

Healthcare Natural Language Processing Market: North America Paces Ahead as Region Witnesses Spike in Number of Providers

The global healthcare natural language processing (NLP) market is peculiar in itself, majorly due to the complex nature of its offerings. A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) finds that the global market for healthcare natural language processing encapsulates a consolidated competitive landscape with a handful of strong market players. These leading market players have attained deftness with technology and execution of new plans, and this has been the prime

Enterprise Collaboration Service Market: Demand for Collaborative Tools Aiding Cross-border Business to Boost Growth

The degree of competition among the existing players in the global enterprise collaboration service market is quite high. The prevailing competition is forecast get fiercer in the future with the entry of new market players, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a new report. Currently, IBM Corporation, Cisco System Inc., Nokia Network, HP Corporation, and Polycom, Inc., are the top players in the global enterprise collaboration service market. The dominance

VR Content Creation Market: Technological Advancements to Seal Dominance of Gaming Sector

The global market for virtual reality (VR) content creation hosts a number of market players who want to invent innovative technologies in order to earn a greater market. The resources at the disposal of these players vary across a wide spectrum of the market, and there is also a great level of variation in the size of these players.  In recent times, forming partnership and alliances with smaller companies has

Cloud Robotics Market: Increasing Demand for Automation to Stimulate Growth of the Market

The market for the cloud robotics is quite a consolidated one, characterized with the presence of a handful of companies, as mentioned in a publication by Transparency Market Research. It is further divulged in the publication that these noted market vendors which are operational in the market account for majority of the market share. Some noteworthy companies in the world market for cloud robotics are ABB Group, Wolf Robotics, Calvary

Supervisory Control Data Acquisition Market To Earn A US$40.18 Bn

In a recent report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the vendor landscape of the global supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) market is estimated to be registering a significant growth owing to the rise in awareness among consumers with relation to the benefits that SCADA provides like real-time detection of faults in machineries. Apart from that the market for supervisory control and data acquisition is also driven by factors like

Neuromarketing Solutions Market: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Remain Most Preferred Technology

In the recent times, the implementation of neuromarketing in the fields of telecommunication, advertising, and media have gained significant momentum. A large number of big companies are making heavy investment on the study of various subjects that are related to neuromarketing in a bid to understand their response to their advertising campaigns and media, which consequently, is impacting the world market for neuromarketing solutions remarkably across the globe. The need

Smart Home Service Market: Technological Advancements to Pave Way for High Adoption

The global smart home as a service market is expected to nurture extensively in the years ahead, states Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a research report. The smart home market has seen significant advancement since 2010, when under 0.5% of homes in the Americas area had associated devices, for example, security, lighting, thermostats, and entertainment, according to the gadget catalogue of the IHS Markit smart home learning service. The vendors

Smart Agriculture Market: Rising Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

The global smart agriculture market has a fragmented vendor landscape due to the presence of a large number of players operating. Competition among the players is likely to increase as new players enter the market. Leading players in the market are focusing on technological advancements and expanding their product line to strengthen their position in the market. These players are also adopting various strategies such as mergers, collaborations, acquisition, and

Telecom API Platform Market: Rising Prominence of Enterprise Developers to Make Customized Apps

The global telecom application programming interface (API) platform market features an intensely competitive landscape with the presence of a vast number of players, notes Transparency Market Research (TMR). Owing to a steady expansion of telecommunication application ecosystem spanning numerous industries, the market is witnessing a constant influx of players that help in sustaining the high level of competition. Some of the leading companies in the telecom API platform market are

Electronic Scrap Recycling Market: Lucrative Opportunities across Globe

The need for electronic scrap recycling is rising in response to the progressively shorter lifespan of electronic products and stringent government regulations governing the collection and processing of electronic waste (e-waste). The global electronic scrap recycling market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7.2% by volume during the forecast period from 2015 to 2022. Disposal or landfilling of e-waste raises serious health and environmental issues. On the contrary, its

Video Analytics Market: Lucrative Opportunities across Globe

The global video analytics market is highly fragmented in nature with a high level of competition, states a new market intelligence study by Transparency Market Research. The competitive environment of the market is expected to get stiff in the next few years with the rising number of players that are projected to enter the market across the globe. The leading players in the market are focusing on offering cost-effective products

Application Lifecycle Management Market: Owing to Rapid Adoption of Mobile Devices

Application lifecycle management makes a delivery of development, governance, and maintenance for application software. The major parts of application lifecycle management are build, design, requirements management, testing; and change, project, integration, and release management. The modern software development process is quite a complicated one. The traditional and conventional software development lifecycle (SDLC) has been applicable only to the process of development, whilst application lifecycle management works for the entire application

Business Intelligence and Analytic Tools Market - Insights Into The Competitive Scenario Of The Market

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology driven process aimed at enhancing business performance by enabling end users such as business managers and corporate executives to make more informed business decisions. Business Intelligence includes a variety of applications, tools, and methodologies that enable enterprises to accumulate data from external and internal sources. This accumulated data is further used for analysis and solving business related queries. Business Intelligence and analytics market is

Web Conferencing Market - Smart Workflow Integrations Demands Growth

Web conferencing, also known by the name of webinar is a kind of real-time communications. In web conferencing, a large number of computer users along with the help of internet connection can see a similar screen in their web browsers at the same time. This service allows conferencing events to be shared at remote locations. The rising demand for online workshops interactive conferences across the globe is projected to encourage

Gamification Market - Pin-Point Analysis For Changing Competitive Dynamics

Gamification, in which designers combine elements of gameplay in non-gaming setting to improve user engagement in a product or service, is gradually gaining traction. By incorporating badges and leaderboards in an existing system, designers intend to keep users motivated. They up the productivity of employees and loyalty of customers. While the market for gamification is still in a nascent stage, it seems primed to explode in the near future with