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Anti-counterfeit Cosmetics Packaging Market - Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook

The counterfeiting malpractice has become a severe matter of concern for original cosmetics manufacturers all around the globe. Counterfeiting is globally affecting the cosmetics industry, resulting into innumerable tangible and intangible losses for the players operating in the industry. A large number of counterfeit products, carrying brand name of the leading industry players, are making their way into the local market. Global cosmetics industry players are increasingly working towards stopping

Key Advances in Anti-counterfeit Electrical & Electronics Packaging Market

Packaging of a product is utterly important, as it not only makes an impression on the end users and entices sales, it also helps in imparting safety of the product from the manufacturing unit to the end consumers. In the recent past, counterfeiting has turned into a common malpractice that OEMs of electrical and electronic goods have to deal with, resulting in numerous intangible and tangible losses. Download PDF Brochure

Smart Labels Industry - Major Developments & New Product Launch

Item identification slip having more cutting-edge technologies than a conventional barcode data is known as a smart label. QR codes, RFID tags, and EAS tags are the most common enhancements in smart labels. Furthermore, smart labels offer real time tracking and are made from paper, fabrics, or plastic, and can be used as chip labels. High tolerance and automatic interpretation enhances efficiency and eliminates errors. The global smart labels industry

Stretch and Shrink Sleeves Market - Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook

Sleeve & shrink sleeve labels are made up of polymer materials that shrink to the product surface when heat is applied. Sleeve and shrink sleeve labelling enables the graphics to be printed around the whole product container. The stretch and shrink sleeves market is mainly buyer oriented. The global stretch and sleeves market is marked with intense competition due to the increasing presence of both, the large and small manufactures.

Key Insights on Plastic Packaging L-Bar Sealers Market

The expansion of the online retail industry in recent past has boosted growth of the online packaging equipment market and, thus, in turn led to rise in demand for packaging and packaging equipment across the globe. The plastic packaging equipment market has grown substantially over the past few years. The increasing purchasing power of average customers and rise in adoption of advanced packaging tools are factors that have led to

Waste Paper Management Services & Equipment Market - Positive Outlook for Industry Opportunities & Trends

Paper is an important product in our day to day life. With the increase in number of educational institutions and industries worldwide, the demand and consumption of paper and paper products is also increasing globally. The primary raw material used for manufacturing paper is wood and bamboo. Thus, increase in demand for paper is leading to rise in deforestation, posing an environmental threat. Thus, strict environmental rules are being employed

Active and Modified Atmosphere Packaging Market - Major Developments & New Product Launch

In the presence of normal air, food products such as meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, and bakery products perish quickly due to biochemical reaction of oxygen with products, and the growth of microorganisms, which degrade the product quality. Get Brochure for Latest Advancements and Research Insights @ The biochemical reactions or effects of microorganisms tend to change the color, taste, texture, and smell of the product leading to overall

Anti-counterfeit Beverage Packaging Market - Lucrative Opportunities Across Globe

In simplified terms, counterfeiting means imitating something. Counterfeit products are fake and unauthorized replicas of the original product. Having a serious negative impact on the beverage industry, counterfeiting results in intangible loss for the vendors in the industry. This in turn affects the companies’ revenue. Beverage companies are taking steps in continuity to fight counterfeiting as it affects their revenue on a serious note. Moreover, the brand name and image

Anti-counterfeit Automobile Packaging Market Growth, Consumption & Analysis of Leading Players

Counterfeiting or forging is a worldwide phenomenon which not only affects the growth of industries but also affects the end-users of their products. Companies are becoming progressively conscious of the potential negative effects of counterfeit parts in their supply chain, which affect the sales revenue of the company. Besides, since the quality of the counterfeit product does not match with that of the original product, it also affects the brand

Key Insights in Anti-counterfeit Clothing Packaging Market

The increasing incidents of forging have become a matter of concern for original clothing manufacturers across the world. The practice of counterfeiting has been resulting in inestimable perceptible and imperceptible losses for the global clothing industry. Counterfeiting not only affects the revenue of these companies but also affects the end-users. Clothing industry players across the globe are unceasingly taking steps to curb the penetration of counterfeit products in their supply

Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance Market: Strengthen Their Decision-Making Capabilities to Improve Business Performance

Enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) is a strategic discipline which arms organizations to identify and protect against relevant risks and improve their operations. eGRC helps businesses in reducing costs, rationalizing controls and identify operational inefficiencies. In other terms, eGRC integrates data, policies and controls and develops the results in strategically visible manner. The eGRC market is segmented on the basis of business type, deployment model, enterprise size, services and

Data Science as a Service Market: Changing Supply and Demand Scenarios

Data science is a technology used for analyzing large amount of data. It is the analysis for source of information, content of the information and how that information could be transformed into a valuable asset for creating business opportunities and information technology strategies. Data science includes data discovery, which uses the data inference and exploration techniques. It also uses mathematical and algorithmic methods for solving complex business problems and discover

Green Communication Market: Key Players (Alcatel-Lucent S.A., Ericsson, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Juniper Networks)

Energy efficiency in cellular networks is a growing concern for cellular operators to not only maintain profitability, but also to reduce the overall environmental effects. This emerging trend of achieving energy efficiency in cellular networks is motivating the standardization authorities and network operators to continuously explore future technologies in order to bring improvements in the entire network infrastructure. In order to achieve this, green communication technologies are widely preferred and

Data Center Construction Market: Expected to Grow With Rise in Demand for Energy Efficient Data Centers

A data center is a facility used by an enterprise to accommodate computer systems, server, network systems and other related components to support a company’s IT infrastructural needs. This basically involves storing, processing and serving large amounts of crucial data, which ranges from small servers to robust large industrial scale equipment and dedicated client architecture. The construction of data center is a critical task, which includes extensive planning in terms

Cloud Business E-mail Market: Accelerated Diversion to More Agile Solutions

Even though the utilization of the social networks, web conferencing, texting and other methods of communication is expanding, Emails remain the most formal method of communication and have remained the most common type in business environment. Cloud business emails are fundamentally focused at business associations of all sizes, for use in an open or private cloud environment. Businesses benefit due to low cost access, stockpiling, sending and getting of messages

Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market: Reporting and Evaluation of Recent Industry Developments

Global Advertisement (Ad) Blockers Market: Brief Overview Online advertisements, which are in the form of banner ads, sponsored links, text ads, sponsored stories, animations, pictures, and pop-up windows which make use of audio or video which are auto played, compel users to watch videos in full screen when they are browsing through an article and can be extremely annoying. Therefore, a large number of users are installing ad blockers. By

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection: Evolving Market Trends and Dynamics

 Advanced persistent threat (APT) is a type of network attack or breach in which someone without the privileges enters the network and operates within the network undetected for a long period of time. The main objective behind an APT attack to steal as much data as possible instead of causing damage to the present network and unsettle the network operations. These attacks are targeted toward organizations having highly confidential information

Key Takeaways from Report on Advanced Distributed Management System Market for Forecast Period 2017 - 2026

An advanced distribution management system is a software platform that facilitates the full suite of optimization and distribution management.  It operates automate outage restoration and optimizes the performance of the distribution grid. Various applications of advanced distribution management system include fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR), planning function, volt/VAR control, and advanced forecasting using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. Advanced distribution management systems have emerged as a

Product Information Management Market: Key Players (SAP AG, IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation., Informatica LLC)

Product Information Management Market: Overview Product information management (PIM) is a system which helps companies to store all vital technological and promotional information related to a software product. Using product information management, this data is stored and integrated securely. Global identification, coordination and networking of software product information is facilitated with the help of PIM. Creation and management of central database systems is also enabled due to PIM. Using PIM,

E-mail Encryption Market: Widest Adoption of E-mail Encryption Tools is Expected

Rapid modernizing of small and medium scale industries has resulted in surging use of e-mails to carry crucial data. This is at once helpful and dangerous. This is because while on hand e-mails brings about transfer of critical information in a jiffy which can be accessed anytime by both parties – sender and receiver, it also leaves such information vulnerable to manipulation and theft. This has led to the growth