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A ‘State-of-the-Art’ Automatic Text Generator is Here

OpenAI, a research center supported by Microsoft, Elon Musk, and Amazon has created a ‘state-of-the-art’ automatic text generator. But, you are unlikely to see it in action, anytime soon. The researchers are afraid of its potential misuses. Hence, in a disappointing turn of events, the technology is likely to remain under wraps in the near future. However, OpenAI researchers have slipped out a few details of the advanced text generator.

Scientists Showcase Iron Man Alike Class of Mechanical Devices

Do you hope to see Iron Man inspired mechanical gadgets in action one day? A new study has helped scientists close the gap on the imaginary genius, Tony Stark. According to study published in Science Robotics, ‘developable mechanism’ similar to missiles that pop out of Iron Man’s arms can become a ground reality soon. This new research claims that these mechanisms can operate with complex 3-D shapes without wear and

Self-Driving Cars Gear Up to Predict Foot Traffic

Self-driving cars and AI technology are making headlines around the world. However, the technology is yet to fulfill its promise to millions at large. Soon, researchers from University of Michigan (UMich) could change that. UMich researchers are studying human body symmetry, gait, and foot movement. They are using GPS, onboard cameras in vehicles, LiDAR to gather data. The data is then fed into a 3-D computer stimulation program to recreate

Industry 4.0 Is Revolutionizing Business for Good

Industry 4.0 Is Revolutionizing Business for Good Industry 4.0, the revolutionary collaboration between man and machine is going to transform business. At least this is what experts at Microsoft believe. A new press release by Microsoft states that the world of business is going to witness major changes in the near future. Some of these changes are already revolutionizing business, education, healthcare, and manufacturing. For example, people spend a lot

Researchers Discover a Cheaper Way to Brighten Up OLED Experience

Researchers at USC Dornsife have discovered a cheaper way to produce OELD screens. The new method uses copper instead of iridium to showcase light and colors on OLED screens. Currently, several high-end smart appliances like TVs, phones use OLED screens. During the testing, the new copper inclusion did not affect the quality of visualization. According to Mark E. Thompson, a chemist at USC, iridium compounds were extremely efficient at light

Your Car is Easy Target for Hackers, Warn Auto Engineers

Automakers are in a race to install the latest digital gizmos in your next car. However, according to a new survey by product developers, IT professionals, and automotive engineers, your next car can be an easy target for hackers. Nearly 84% of those surveyed said that automakers are falling behind in responding to security threats. The warnings may shed light on on a real incident that happened recently. In 2015,

Researchers Discover a New Way to Maximize Solar Output

Researchers from TU Delft have discovered a way to accurately and quickly measure the solar energy output from panels. Using the new approach, researchers can predict how effective solar panels will be in urban settings. The research was published in Nature Energy on February 4. In urban settings, various structures such as building and trees play a key role in the solar energy input solar panels receive. Using the new

Researchers unveil Adaptive Virtual Organisms of the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world to frontiers where stuff of legends that Hollywood movies are made of, seems possible today. A team of researchers from University of Bucharest have developed something similar. They have created a virtual organism, which combines reconfigurable hardware agents, abstract intelligent thinking, and adaptive software agents. This research combines entities that have puzzled and intrigued scientists for ages. For example, psychology often aims to

Scientist Discover a solution to suck carbon monoxide from the air

Scientist from University of Kansas have found a new technology to suck carbon monoxide from industrial chimneys. They have discovered a new application of BIGs (bis imino guanidines) chemicals. These chemicals allow scuba divers to “rebreathe” CO2 exhalations. According to Kristin Bowman-James, one of the researcher, the technology has tremendous potential. As BIGs were discovered 10 years ago, their application still continues to evolve. During the experiment, these chemicals were

Scientists discover breakthrough mechanism to harvest energy

Scientists from the royal society have discovered an ideal method to harvest energy from water. Using virtualization, they have found the ideal wing shape for strong vortices or swirling flows. This research can pave way for improving current energy harvesting as well as for improving airspeed. The researchers relied heavily on our understanding of evolutionary biology. The 3-D virtualization technology allowed them to visualize different birds, their wing shapes and

Researchers Develop ‘False Hope’ AI strategy against cyber threats

Researchers at university of Missouri have developed a new Artificial Intelligence system to growing counter cyber-attacks. The strategy aims to protect data stored in clouds by creating a misleading trail for attackers. Ideally, the strategy would buy precious time for digital systems to respond to cyber threats. Online purchases have lured many criminals towards stealing identity, data and other crucial information. The AI based strategy combines the knowledge of psychology

A New Sensor Allows Swimmers To Monitor themselves under water

A new innovative sensor has found a way to measure sweat from swimmers under water. The technology is a breakthrough for swimmers as it was difficult earlier to capture sweat on the inside, while keeping the water out. The sensor captures various different components of body sweat or also temperature. Sweat measurement is essential for professional swimmers. Swimming sports teams collect sweat to evaluate performance. Companies invested in the sport

New Computer Program to safeguard food manufacturing from pathogens

A new computer program developed by Cornell university scientists, promises to clear food production facilities pathogen free in the near future. The program known as EnABLe, would provide stimulated environments to managers to help them identify most likely contaminated places on their facility. Pathogen Listeria monocytogens are quite rare but infect more than 1,600 people in the US each year. This program alerts food managers of areas with large bacteria

Breakthrough Laser Technology Enables Communication Through Thin Air

Researchers at MIT have developed a breakthrough laser technology to transmit audible messages over the air. The technology can transmit audible messages to anyone in a crowd despite a complete chaos all around. The technology was tested using different laser methods, wherein various audible messages including music was transmitted at an audible volume. The technology is enabled by photoacoustic effect. When sound waves absorb light, this effect occurs as a

Scam calls and robo calls may end permanently next year

Soon, scam calls and robocalls could become a thing of the past. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is pushing US telecom operators to adapt a new technology to block scam and robocalls. The proposed technology would work similar to fingerprint authentication for telemarketing and other unwanted calls. The proposed technology is called STIR and SHAKEN. STIR is a short form of Secure Telephony Identity Revisited. SHAKEN is an abbreviation for

Amazon’s New Tech Vests Helps Robots Respond to Human Presence

Amazon has launched a new tech vest for its workers in over 25+ sites. These sites are mostly warehouses, where robots and humans work in close proximity. The safety kit looks much like a pair of suspenders with a built-in signaling system which cautions the robot. Amazon reported that the system has noted over a million signals so far. The new suspender kit promises to carry a lot more safety

Disney loses a billion in streaming amidst Netflix worries

Disney lost more than a billion dollars last year, in a bid to capture the elusive streaming horizon. The company’s Hulu stake cost 580 million dollars to the company in equity investments. Similarly, its BAMtech investment in a streaming technology cost the company more than $469 million dollars. BAMtech helps Disney power ESPN+ and other over the top services. Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+ is likely to be launched in

Facebook Launches Community Action Feature

After battling issues with fake news, Facebook has come out with a new feature called Community Action. It allows users to start a petition about a problem in their neighborhood, and tag necessary state representatives and bureaucrats. While users are positive about this feature, some experts raise concerns over unwanted demands and bully pulpits to pressure governments. Pros and Cons of the Feature The new feature allows a user to

Government Asks Drone Companies to Install Safety Chips For Safe Operations

Drone makers in India will be required to install a ‘shutdown’ featured hardware to ensure complete control during possible mishaps. According to recent reports, drone manufacturers must install a hardware chip which ensures a ‘final check’ for security purposes. The new mandate aims to control rogue drones in case of a drone turning rogue. In a potential case of emergency, the technology would allow security agencies to command the drone

Recognizing Fingerprints Made Swifter with  Nanotechnolgy

A new nanomaterial developed by a group of Indian scientists promises that these difficulty will be overcome and latent fingerprint reading will also take place more quickly. The nanomaterial is luminescent and consists of semiconductor particles which are a million times smaller than a mm. All one must do is: sprinkle the nanomaterial on the surface of a fingerprint, capture the image and use a UV lamp and process it