5G Wireless Standard Could Carry Traceability Risks, says Swiss Study

5G Wireless Standard Could Carry Traceability Risks, says Swiss Study


Some security issues and gaps in the 5G communication standard have been exposed by Swiss researchers from the Information Security Group. Yes, the latest wireless communication standard has been subjected to security protocol verification protocol, named Tamarin. Under Tamarin, the standard has been subjected to a series of tests.

A team of researchers, headed by David Basin, a professor of Information Security at ETH have studied the specifications of the 5G standard. Using Tamarin, 5G standard was analyzed systematically keeping in mind very specific security issues. The tool is designed to identify all the minimum security measures that are to be implemented in order to achieve the critical security measures established by 3GPP. A senior scientist, Ralf Sasse said that this demonstrates how the 5G standard is insufficiently catering to achieving the aims of the 5G AKA protocol. H also adds that it is possible that this standard may be poorly implemented, which may lead to users being charged by third party vendors for mobile phone usage.

Basin’s team has thus concluded that data protection could be substantially enhanced with the implementation of the new protocol in comparison to 3G and 4G technology. Also, 3GPP has further closed the gap in the new standards that was being capitalized on by IMSI catchers. However, the group has found some other loopholes which could lead to traceability attacks. They report that the use of sophisticated tracking devices could be risky around devices using the 5G standard. The group is now further working in conjunction with 3GPP in order to work on the security loopholes that they have discovered.

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