4 Ways to use social media as a recruitment tool

Social media appears to have little or no limits when it comes to how many ways it can help your business grow. It has already been well documented how efficient these platforms are as promotional tools and using them for simple advertisements is also catching on quickly. But, did you know that social media platforms are a pretty cool way of hiring new staff? This is yet another business-centric string to the ever-growing bow that these sites seem to be accumulating on a regular basis. This article looks at this new phenomenon right now, and maybe, you could try out a few of these ideas for your own company?

Screening Tools

HR professionals are already using social networking sites as a way to screen potential new staff members. It is fairly easy to find these individuals on Facebook or Twitter and you can usually do this in a matter of minutes. You’ll get a better idea of what they are really about once you find them on these social networking sites. The truth is that if you don’t really like what you are reading or seeing here, you’ll not want them as employees. Careerbuilding.com ran a survey that shows 63% of managers have turned down applicants based on the content of their social media profile.

Facebook Culture Shock

More than a billion users log into Facebook on a daily basis and this number is increasing by nearly one million per day! There is a very good chance that your next interviewee will have one of these profiles for themselves. When you set up a Facebook profile, you are imparting a fair amount of trust and a lot of personal information. Some of these details are not made common knowledge in the interview or on the application form. People seem to trust Facebook without worrying too much about who may read their content. Employers are looking for the person behind the suit and quite often this can be an alarming discovery. Photos of boozy antics and dodgy parties are never the flavour of the month and usually spell the end of that particular individual’s job application.

So What Do Employers Wish To See?

Nobody is perfect and Facebook has certainly made that saying ring true many a time; relationships have ended over a single photograph. So, employers are really trying to find people that will add value to their role with the company. Family holidays are always a good sign of the candidate having strong values. Charity work and sporting activities also indicate a stable lifestyle. Of course, it is quite easy to build a fake profile just for the world to see, but HR staff have already picked up on this approach. Some individuals are more private and have made it near impossible for employers to spy on their social media platform activities.

Socially Aware

It is fair to say that social media has taken over our lives and will infiltrate into our homes and business more and more. Should an employer choose to vet their prospective applicants via this tool, it is only a matter of time before the reverse is happening. But for now, it is a good benchmark to use when screening your new and current staff members.

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