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What Games Will Take Advantage Of The Xbox One?

Gamers, grab your controllers and get ready to play some fantastic games this year. Though the rivalry between the Xbox One and the PS4 consoles is slowly settling down the title war is just starting to heat up. With so many similarities between the consoles, the companies know that the gaming titles they can snag and release for their machine could be the deciding factor. With that in mind, there are some truly amazing titles coming out on the Xbox One in 2014, here are my favourites so far, let’s hope they live up to the hype!


Capybara present you with an intriguing story line will pull you in to this game without a doubt, tie in evocative music, beautiful graphics and the fact that you can use the Kinect to interact with your environment and you may find yourself with a winning combination. Below doesn’t just stop there, this game trusts you to find the narrative yourself so you won’t find any dialogue or screns filled with text, though you may find yourself with the ability to play it co-op, which would be an interesting game dynamic.


Standing for Dark Dreams Don’t Die this detective adventure game sees you playing as David, a detective with the ability to relive people’s pasts by touching their mementos by going back in time. Using his gift David makes a desperate bid to save the life of his wife Peggy by hunting down the Drug Baron known to him only as D. With the ability to play on the Kinect or with the controller this game looks set to be fun as you are able to interact with your environment and actively search for clues as well as peer around characters while they talk to you so you don’t miss out on any action.

Alien: Isolation

Playing as Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, you will find yourself aboard the Nostromo searching for the ship’s black box in an effort to find out what happened to your mother. While you may be thinking that this game is going to be all about gunning down the aliens as you complete the quest you’re a little right, but a lot wrong. In this game you will be hunted like the prey the aliens perceive you to be, so make sure you remember how to run and hide as you search for that ever elusive black box.

Elder Scrolls Online

The big draw on this year’s instalment to the Skyrim franchise is that if you enter the PVP battle arena and prepare to fight, you may become Emperor or the realm. This new addition to the game is going to long time players an interesting depth to the game not seen before, as the pathway to becoming the ruling power is fraught with battles, alliances and tactics. Though it may seem like a hard fight game developers have released information saying that those that do manage to become Emperor will be rewarded with a special skill set as well as other points and perks, certain perks will also be available to those that helped you in your quest to conquer the keeps around the ruling city.

Halo 5

Though its name is still to be confirmed fans can start getting excited about the release of Halo 5 in 2014. With the ending of Halo 4 showing that the Didact battle isn’t quite over and the revelation that Cortana is gone, we can’t help but wonder where they will be taking Master Chief next. What kinds of trials and tribulations will befall us as we work our way across the galaxy in the next instalment of the Halo franchise? We don’t know yet but can’t wait to find out.

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