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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Specs, Price And Review By Techyounme

Samsung the largest seller of smart tab and mobile phone is it seems going stronger day by day hardly a month passes when Samsung has not come with one beauty or the other in terms of technology it is always coming with something new for the customer giving very less time to it rival to respond to it product.

The world has already fallen in love with its earlier 10.1 inches smart Tab and when it rival companies were planning to launch a similar product in the same category it had come with another masterpiece named Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 so what is new about this smart tab let’s find out in detail.

Build and Design

This 12.2-inch tablet isn’t designed for optimal portability so while you can be quite comfortable using it in-home or office but if you want to use it in a crowded place like train and shopping mall you won’t feel too comfortable though Samsung has trimmed the bezel to a considerable level but still 12.2 inch is too big to be used in crowded places.

Coming to build the new tab 12.2 is quiet heavier at 753grams compared to 547 grams of 10.1 designs wise it is similar to Galaxy Note 10.1: it features the same design; button and leather like back and display resolution of 2560×1600, for a pixel density of 247 ppi.

OS, Hardware and Features

It’s runs on Android’s latest version of OS 4.4 code-named KitKat but Instead of being graced with a standard Android/TouchWiz home screen panel when pressing the home hardware button, you get whisked away to a new interface lovingly called Magazine UX. This UI consist of 3 different customizable screen one for office, through one you can handle your social network and the last option is for personal use which is quiet a new experience

Coming to hardware the Galaxy Note Pro is powered by Quad A15 1.9GHz + Quad A7 1.3GHz processor and run on 3GB of RAM which is quiet good for multitasking its comes with two internal memory version of 32/ 64GB (eMMC) + microSD up to 64GB.

Apart from standard connectivity option like 3G, WI-FI and Bluetooth version 4 the tab also supports LTE and irLED other features include a stunning 4 million pixel display and enhanced multi Window which makes seamless multitasking in four different ways.


Though a strong camera is never a desirable feature for such a large screen tab yet the rear of the device is fixed with 8MP camera which apart from taking good photos can also record full HD video and to assist video chat and Skype calling there is also a front camera of 3MP

Battery and Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Note is equipped with a 9500mAh battery which can easily last a day on a single charge the shipment of this tab is going to start from FEB 4 2014 and the WI-FI only model is expected to cost $1075 which is quite okay for this powerhouse

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