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Indicating why Facebook likes of deaths in the timeline

Survivors take it well with mixed feelings to note when in their Facebook timeline, the display pops up, a deceased have liked page. This is the social network as common as Likes to have the alleged fans out of hand.
With over one billion members of death has long been an everyday guest on Facebook.Nevertheless, the friend of a was amazed when he was shown in early November in his timeline, one in March deceased friend liked a page.
Dead Party Guest
The explanation is relatively simple: As long as the death of a Facebook account holder was not signaled, the person is considered active and is used as Testimonial for brands which pleased him in his lifetime have. The social network offers you the opportunity toput his account in the “memorial state”  This is the display stopped in timelines, the dead are no longer proposed as potential friends. Only the automatic facial recognition does not recognize whether the alleged person on the party photo Last weekend a year is not really dead –  Facebook regrets the company had “no technical ability” for such a balance.
Unexplained Likes also alive
The author researched further and found in his timeline and the curious readers of Like-expressions in Promoted stories. So shall liberal friends have liked the side of the U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a supposedly like McDonalds and an avowed car objectors to be a fan of Subaru. The authors addressed the fact that people had sworn to never have liked these pages.
Forgotten, accidentally …?
A Facebook spokesman told the cases so that the persons concerned had Likes probably accidentally pronounced – such as an incorrect tap into the mobile app. Another possibility is that the members simply can not remember the Like. Anyone who has even a three year old “like-us-and-get-a-milkshake” McDonald’s action on the screen?
Of a similar phenomenon – also on Facebook – we had reported in September . Then went to the conjecture, formerly a private message sent texts were suddenly visible for all friends published on bulletin boards. Here, too, swore many members stone on leg, the messages had been sent home. Facebook was against it, the social network has been used just a few years ago in another way. Still his word against hers.
Either way, action for Facebook
And must also in terms of “Likes with unexplained origin” protestations and oaths of stakeholders and an unfavorable mark Zuckerberg quote about his customers (” they trust me – dumb fucks “) to serve as indications at Promoted stories it does not go right things to. But even in the likely event – accidentally and forgetfulness – can irritate the many disgruntled members-not in the sense of Facebook. Here, the company would be well advised Likes and commercials to make comprehensible.

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