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China’s 5G Smartphone Market to Skyrocket in 2020 – IDC

With passing time, the global smartphone market has witnessed a marginal contraction. This downfall in the sales of the devices is due to the growing inflation, and the unstable economy of countries. Moreover, connectivity issues are also a major reason that restricts the growth of the smartphone market. However, China is on the verge of launching the 5G spectrum and mobile devices that work on this bandwidth. According to the latest report by IDC, China aims at 1.4 billion 5G smartphones sales in the year 2020. In figures, IDC states that China shall be accounting for the sale of 190 million 5G handsets in the first quarter of the coming year. That makes 14% of the overall estimation.

According to Ryan Reith a program vice president at IDC, China is ready to dominate the smartphone market in terms of volume. Due to the aggressive developments by the Chinese manufacturers, IDC has pushed its short-term forecast limit. The company is aiming to provide a better picture of the broader spectrum of the market. 

What will be the Impact of this Push? 

The promotion of 5G technology shall aggravate the new smartphone devices’ sales. This, as a result, shall trim down the price of existing devices. For instance, a 4G enabled handset costing a certain amount will see a significant price cut. Consequently, the sale of such devices shall accelerate for a couple of years. However, once the production and promotion of 5G devices reach their full potential, the sale of these devices shall skyrocket in the coming years.

The push for the technology also has its backing by the rapid development and launch of Android operating systems. With every launch, the platform enhances the performance of the device. To achieve optimal performance, manufacturers are developing smartphones that have access to undisrupted connectivity. These factors collectively, accelerate the growth of the 5G smartphone market, of which China is emerging as a leader.

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