Researchers at MIT Develop Virtual Reality Training System for Drones

Drones need extensive training to fly around. However, training drones in a surrounding full of obstacles is an accident-prone exercise, which can translate into the need for engineers repairing or replacing vehicles on frustratingly high pace. Now, engineers at MIT have developed a novel virtual-reality training system for drones, which enables a vehicle to visualize a rich, virtual environment during its flight in an empty physical space. This system, which

Flying Robotic Insect – A Reality Now

Recently, scientists have developed a wireless flying robotic insect, which can assist in various time-consuming tasks, such as surveying the growth of crops on large farms and/or identifying gas leaks. These insect robots fly using fluttering tiny wings, as they are too small to make use of propellers, similar to those, which are seen on their larger drone counterparts. Their small size is beneficial for manufacturers, as these robots are

Biggest Data Hacking of All Time

New data protection rules are being implemented by the European Union, which will take effect on May 25, 2018. With these new laws, the people have more control over the way their personal information is utilized online. The rules are being implemented in the wake of scandals involving sloppy personal data protection processes, such as at Facebook where Cambridge Analytica, US-British political research firm, was capable of harvesting the data

Robots will be Taking Your Grocery Orders Very Soon

The face of the grocery business is about to change. In coming years, robots will be coordinating to get grocery orders together fast. The robots are programmed to travel at four meters per second and locate required product within the ambient and chilled sections before making a use of a hook for grabbing its crate and delivering it to a human worker for its box packaging. This, as described by

Smart Ring Enables User to Control Mobile Apps using Hand Gestures

A team of Georgia Tech researchers has developed a novel technology that could make managing text or other mobile apps as simple as “1-2-3.” With the use of acoustic chirps, which are produced from a ring and are received by a wristband, such as a smartwatch, the system is capable of recognizing twenty two different micro-finger gestures that can be programmed to several commands, such as a set of numbers,

New AI Program Shows Strong Navigational Skills

The researchers of artificial intelligence (AI) are formulating new possibility every other day. And, a recent one has managed to develop a software program that functions like a human brain and managed to navigate through a virtual maze much faster than an expert of flesh and blood. The software was able to identify and take shortcuts much more efficiently and outperformed the expert hands down. In the recent past, AI

Developer’s to be at the Forefront of Misty Robot’s Crowd Funding Campaign

A new advancement made by Misty Robotics is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in the domain of automation and robotics. Misty has been doing well on the front of robot-manufacturing and chances are that the company would get another major leap with this the new robot. The robot is named Misty II and is primarily meant for developers while it has been portrayed as a development platform by the

New Portable 3-D Skin Printer to Repair Deep Wounds

The researchers at the University of Toronto have recently developed a 3D-skin printer capable of healing deep wounds on the surface of the skin. The device is equipped with the ability to deposit layers of skins on the affected area that would help in swift healing of the wounds. The team of researchers asserts that the 3D-skin printer is the first of its kind and has the ability to deposit

A New Type of Robot Can Turn Soft from Rigid

A team of scientists from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have demonstrated how a structure having many layers can enable robots to copy the kinematics of an octopus which can create and eliminate joints on command. The structure created by them can enable the robots to swiftly switch their stiffness, dynamics, and damping. The findings

New Electric Vehicle Charger Can do Job in 8 Minutes

While electric vehicles are no doubt the future of the transportation industry, there are still a lot many things that need to be worked out before they can be rolled out in a full-fledged manner. One such big issue is the limited range on account of batteries running out of charge. Besides, it’s time consuming to recharge the batteries. To overcome the problem, ABB has unveiled a new model for

AI to Assist in Recruiting Now

Thanks to new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) being discovered every now and then, a robot could soon be taking your interviews for jobs. This is because a startup in Russia called Stafory came up with such a robot which they have named Vera. The functioning of the robot is underpinned by AI algorithms. As per co-founder Kostarev, Vera was programmed using precisely 1.4 million interviews, 160, 000 books, and

Researchers Hack Older Hotel Key Locks Based on RFID

Two researchers at F-Secure have recently announced to the press that they have devised a method to hack hotel room key locks operated via the older RFID technology. Now they plan to provide a presentation on their findings at this year’s Infiltrate conference. Researchers Take over a Decade to Develop Technique The locks in question are made by VingCard. In a press meeting, they informed that they initiated the entire

New Technology Enables Printing 3-D Electronics on Skin

A recent research conducted by a team from the University of Minnesota made use of a tailor-made, cheap 3D printer to print electronics on human hand. This was a first. The brand new temporary sensors pasted on the body could enable soldiers on the battleground to sense biological or chemical agents. It can also detect solar cells for charging essential electronics. The team of researchers also printed biological cells on

Web Browsing on Smartphones to Get Easier with Bento

While the modern day search engines have made it possible to open numerous websites fast and easy, it kind of gets difficult for the user to navigate through them, especially if they are browsing on their palm-sized smartphones with small screens. However, a new kind of web browser given shape by a group of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can now simplify such complex searches. It can

Ford’s GoBike All Set to Launch in Sunny San Francisco

San Francisco has emerged a frontrunner among cities rolling out electric scooters and bikes as an alternative to the traditional modes of transport to take you around the city. The latest company to tap into the trend is Motivate which is set to launch its Ford GoBike program which includes bikes that are pedal-assist.  The program will begin with the launch of 250 e-bikes. Those having membership of Ford GoBike

American Ecommerce Giants Set to Storm Indian Markets

India’s vast pool of middle class growing by the day provides a massive opportunity for e-retailers. This has led to big ticket international players eyeing the market. Prominent among them are Amazon and Walmart. Deep-pocketed Amazon is already keen on expanding its operations in India where it has promised to deploy over US$5 billion to expand its business. Following suit, now its rival Walmart is keen on striking a deal

Autofill Plugin of LinkedIn could Leak User Data

Facebook is not the only big ticket company embroiled in a data privacy issue. Now it’s LinkedIn too. A glitch in the AutoFill plugin of LinkedIn which allows one to speed up form completion may have been a gateway for hackers to gather information pertaining to name, email address, phone number, ZIP code, job profile, and company. Certain malicious sites can shift the plugin on their whole page without being

New Robot Can Assemble Simple IKEA Chair

Assembling pieces of your furniture once they are delivered from the store can be quite a task. Following the instructions while faced with a wide variety of screws and planks can be daunting at times. But fret no more, for a new breed of robots are here that can assemble a chair from furniture giant IKEA in just a couple of minutes. A team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University

Humanoid Robots Take a Step Further With Soft Ones Moving on Their Own

Robots are becoming even more human like with constant improvements in technology. For example, in a latest development, researchers guided by an engineer from the University of Houston, created a new type of robot which is soft. It is made up of ultrathin sensing, artificial muscle that can sense temperature, and actuating electronics – all of which can adjust to the surroundings and crawl like a caterpillar. It can have

Taking Cue from Invertebrates, New Materials to Make Robots Flexible

A recent project conducted jointly by the University of Minnesota and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory drew ideas from invertebrates to tackle material rigidity and limitations in actuation on robotic systems. 3-D Printed Active Materials Help Robots Achieve Flexibility The robots currently used by the U.S. army are inflexible and hence have difficulties in carrying out various military operations in crammed urban pockets. They usually cannot maneuver easily – something