South Korea Introduced World's First 5G Networks Nationwide

South Korea launched the world’s first 5G mobile network across the nation. This step is considered a ‘transformational leap’, which has superpowers for controlling innovations. For now, we can say that South Korea has won the race to provide an advanced user experience. Currently, it is only one in the large battle between China against the U.S.  The network will bring cell phones under availability immediately by enabling clients to download

Copper-based Alternative for Manufacturing Next-generation Electronics

Japanese scientists developed the technology of transforming copper-based substance to material with mimicking properties of expensive metals. The metals such as gold and silver are expensive and their prices are increasing day-by-day. The new copper-based nanoparticles have promising applications for producing electronic devices that depends on gold and silver. This might make them possibly the most suitable during manufacturing of electronic components by using printing technologies. The advancement of the

Toyota’s New Robot can Play Basketball

Toyota Motor Corp.’s robot, named Cue 3, hardly misses a free throw or a 3-pointer. It showed this ratio during a demonstration at Tokyo suburb on Monday. The engineers say this ratio is worse than usual. They added that it estimates the basket in 3D using sensors and adjusts motors inside arms. Further, it uses knees to throw a ball at a right angle. These efforts by robots are very

Force of Small Pebble May Initiate Destruction of Gault

Hubble observed something that is very unusual in the sky – a self-destructing asteroid called 6478 Gault or Gault. The name Gault derived from planetary geologist Donald Gault. The asteroid is four to nine kilometers long with two tail-like comets. These tails prove the activity of ejecting some material in space or Gault is tearing apart. The asteroid is tearing due to a process called Yarkovsky–O’Keefe–Radzievskii–Paddack (YORP) torque conducting the

Researchers Found a New Source of Energy

Over the past few years, researchers have been trying to develop electrical current generated during the metabolism of bacteria. However, until now, the current technology has efficiently transferred this current from bacteria to an electrode. Now, researchers from various institutions including Lund University have achieved more efficient technology to transfer this electrical current. This recovery will help to overcome the greatest challenge in meeting the need for renewable and other

Study Examines Feasibility of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

Despite advances in technologies, we have to long way to go for the commercial airplanes based on fossil fuel and batteries. A recent feasibility study by the University of Illinois explored the potential of fuels or batteries and reduction in the carbon dioxide emission. Phillip Ansell, assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the College of Engineering, explained the process. He added that in the energy supply is

Deep Science AI debuts at Disrupt 2017, displays Crime Sensing System

Defendry – a hi-tech surveillance provider acquires Deep Science AI. Debuted on stage in 2017 at Disrupt NY, Deep Science AI made a live demo of its surveillance capability at the event. The company showcased the functionality of its computer vision system that can spot a mask or gun in CCTV footage. This can serve to raise an alert for an imminent crime. Deep Science AI claims its AI –

New Technology to Combat against Vehicle Number Plate Thefts

Researchers are ready to introduce technology testing to improve vehicle identification. The technology is also able to combat against number plate thefts or misuse. One of the technologies called radio frequency identification (RFID) sticker, which is under trial, is working efficiently. A front screen of vehicle could find application as a third number plate. This is the most effective way, researchers from La Trobe University in Australia claims. This self-destructing

Audit of Apps, a New Way of Twitter to Ensure User Safety

Twitter – the blogging site has decided to conduct an audit of app developers who use data from the online platform. The audit will start on June 19; developers must submit their apps to Twitter for the review process. Mainly the developers who use recent tweets or mention users 100,000 times/day will have to undergo this audit. Yoel Roth, Head of site integrity at Twitter, said that the goal of

Its Time to Say Goodbye to Gmail’s Inbox App

Google’s inbox app, a customized version of the Gmail app will shut down by the end of March. Google’s forgotten social network, Google plus will follow suit as well. The development is likely to cause soar moods among users. However, Google’s official announcement is not surprising. Google plus had failed to generate buzz and fallen behind quickly to its main competitor, Facebook. On the other hand, Gmail’s inbox was quite

New Feature of Chrome to Ensure User Privacy

A new feature in a developer version of Google Chrome exists, and it will be available in other browsers. This feature will allow blocking of websites for accessing data from motion sensors, light sensors, and gyroscopes. This feature is now available for protecting the privacy of users accessing Chrome from desktop and Android versions of Chrome. During testing of the feature, they observed that they were able to collect information

Facebook to bring in New Privacy Code, move coincides with Cox’s Exit

Facebook makes news again this time for the departure of one of its oldest leaders, Chris Cox. Throwing light on his departure, Cox described it related to Facebook’s vision to bring in place a completely new strategy for product direction. The vision involves shifting each and every application of Facebook towards private, encrypted messaging, and not by public feeds, as unveiled by Zuckerberg last week. The product vision move by

Bird-claws to Support Drones to Rest

Drones have applications in countless areas but the usefulness is limited when they are in the air. With special claws attached, the drones can perch on with ease and substantially expand their flight time. The team of researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology has developed claws inspired by the birds and bats. The journal Science Robotics published details of the claws and systems. The team had noted many

New App for Narrating the Surrounding to Blind People

‘Seeing AI’ of Microsoft is an application that allows blind or limited-vision people to convert visual data into audio feedback. The company developed a very useful app by adding a new feature. Users can touch to identify the objects and people in uploaded photos. Additionally, it can describe currencies, people, texts, colors, and objects. The machine learning-based project has expertise in the object or scene recognition. In addition, it is

PayPal Will Allow Instant Bank Transfer

PayPal is a better alternative to any kind of money transfer across goods to purchase an online money transfer. However, competition among the money-transfer platforms is growing as new startups including Stripe and Square are entering into the same business. Now, PayPal is launching Instant Transfer, in which money received by PayPal could move to the bank accounts directly. Currently, this service is available to the users in the US

New Development to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Safer to Use

Demand for the cheaper, safe and stable batteries is growing. Lithium-ion batteries are the most suitable for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, the batteries have drawbacks such as thermal runaway in which they can catch fire due to too much heat. Thus, the researchers are exploring better alternatives for fixing this problem and its associated volatility. The researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas discovered that the problem is

New Web Authentication Standards to Reduce Need for Passwords

The new web authentication specifications standards are good news for people who usually forget passwords. The latest authentication standards can enable access to devices using biometrics. Security experts have maintained passwords and their efficacy for a long time. Those can be hacked due to data breaches, as passwords drain from the brain due to human’s forgetful nature. Web users are struggling to remember passwords since internet crime is becoming rampant.

A New V3 Supercharger to Cut Down Charging Time 

Tesla is set to roll out a third-generation Supercharger, designed for lowering the charging time for its electric vehicles. The V3 Supercharger – unveiled on Wednesday at the Fremont, California. Model 3 of the charger is able to support the rate of up to 250 kilowatts. With this rate, the V3 can add up 75 miles in 5 minutes. Charging time has a crucial role in sales and acceptance of

New Smart Stop Signal to Reduce Road Accidents

The U.S. Department of Transportation states that half of the road mishaps occur on rural roads. This might be due to darkness or speed of vehicles at intersections. In order to avoid these accidents, there are numerous ongoing initiatives by non-governmental organizations and the government bodies. Also, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) are trying to improve the visibility of stop signs. The researchers have developed

Can Magnonic Devices Replace Electronics?

Electronic devices including transistors are getting smaller which can limit its conventional performance. While the devices based on the magnonic currents can transform the industry, a better understanding is imperative for better controlling. The team at the University of California, Riverside took an important step toward the development of practical magnonic devices. A group led by Alexander Balandin developed a chip, which could develop a magnonic current and flow, or