Google Introduces Innovative Technology for Journalists

Recently, Google has been coming out with a lot of innovations and new ideas to help the news industry to make use of the Artificial Intelligence. For this purpose, the company has tied up with the London School of Political Science and Economics, Polis so as to develop the project of Journalism Artificial Intelligence. This project is considered as a part of the Google News Initiative. This is likely to

Personal Touch of Google Gets Highlighted in DuckDuckGo Study

Google Chrome Help states that the users who browse use a private mode then other people who will use the device will not be able to see or track any of those activities. Chrome does not save any of the browsing history or other information entered in forms. The site data and cookies are remembered while the user is browsing; however, it will get deleted when the user exit the

Deep Learning Techniques to Easily Convert 2-D Sketches into 3-D Shapes

A team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong, University of British Columbia, and Microsoft designed a novel technique to convert 2-D into 3-D sketches easily. The researchers further revealed that our deep learning method could enable artists to outline a base shape quickly. This base shape can be further fine-tuned with automated image vectorization software. In addition to this, new users may also access this software to from

Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air Captured with a Novel Device

Researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) developed a novel that can produce water from thin air. The device designed can capture the water from clean air under sunlight and later discharged when warmed. Researchers made a statement by saying Earth’s air is the vastest renewable source of pure drinking water. Various trials were performed to tap this renewable water source, but all of them have

Rising Focus on Innovative Packaging to Drive Global Gift Packaging Market

The rising trend of gifting has supported the growth of the gift packaging market across the globe in the last few years. The changing lifestyle of consumers, along with their spending capacity are projected to support the growth of the market in the coming few years. Thanks to these, the global gift packaging market is estimated to register a healthy growth rate in the next few years. The rapid development

Global Bio-plastic Carrier Bags Market to Rise High with Increasing Number of Applications

In the last few years, bio-plastics carrier bags witnessed a high demand from diverse industries across the globe, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, automotive, health and personal care, and retail. The rising consumer demand for the eco-friendly plastic carrier bags has encouraged the plastic manufacturers to shift from the traditional bags to bio-friendly plastic carrier bags, which is projected to enhance the growth of the overall market in the

Enhancement of Distribution Network to Drive Global Slider Zipper Pouch Market

The global market for slider zipper pouch is expected to gain traction in the next few years. The rising demand for easy-to-open and convenient packaging products is one of the key factors estimated to enhance the growth of the global slider zipper pouch market in the next few years. The easy availability of a wide range of options and the long life span offered by slider zipper pouches are projected

Growing Popularity of Smart Bottles among the Tech-Savvy Individuals to Benefit Market Growth

Nowadays, technology has also altered traditional bottles with technologically advanced bottles that are equipped with wireless communication capabilities that can be connected with various computing devices such as wearables or smartphones. Moreover, these technologically advanced bottles or say smart bottles have artificial memory that alerts by making a sound or display. These smart bottles are highly popular among the tech-savvy individuals and groups across the globe. Currently the application of

Widening Uptake of Smart Syrup Caps In The Food And Beverages Industry Is Benefiting Growth

It was supposed to be the necessity to protect and transport the product without any physical damage to it. With the advent of packaging trends, the packaging is supposed to be the value additions and competitive advantage. Obtain Report Details @  https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/smart-syrup-cap-market.html What are the trends observed in the global market for smart syrup cap? Latest trends in the packaging avail the industries to provide modified packaging materials and intelligent

AI System to Detect Small Leaks in Water Pipes

Artificial intelligence technology and sensors can significantly reduce the expensive water losses in municipal systems. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada developed an AI software technology to identify tiny leaks in water pipes. How AI helps Cities to detect these Water Leaks? The municipal water system combines AI software and signal processing methods to detect symptoms of leaks in water pipes. This is further accomplished by recording acoustic

Advanced Technology to Transform the China’s Retail Sector

A senior executive at JD.com in China said that innovation and technology have revolutionized their retail sector. The retail business has seen skyrocketing growth owing to the rising innovation in marketing products on offline and online channels. Also, new social media approaches are being adopted to boost this business online, says VP of JD.com. Furthermore, he explained that retail infrastructure in the past few years has progressed to a great

Researchers Found Ways to Prevent Cyberattacks in Medical Devices

The RSNA, Radiology Society of North America, presented a study on some of the potential cyberattack risks in medical imaging. It was revealed that internet connectivity can increase the risk of malicious cyberattacks in hospitals. Many cyberattack experts and researchers have started to work on mitigating these potential risks before they convert into a real threat. Medical devices such as MRI, X-ray, mammography, and others are more prone to cyberattacks

LinkedIn used 18Mn Non-member Email IDs for Facebook Advertising

LinkedIn has violated some of the data protection rules by hacking around 18 million email ids and targeting them on Facebook for advertising. Data Protection Commission (DPC) in Ireland revealed this and after an investigation and published its findings in a report. Further, the investigation revealed that these 18 million Facebook users were not the members of LinkedIn. Additionally, DPC observed and made a note of all the activities during

Dependence on GPS to reduce with Introduction of Quantum Sensors

The engineers in U.S are working on a new technology called quantum sensing technology. This technology offers a safer and secure navigation approach and also reduces the dependence on GPS, the most popular navigation technology used across the world. Global positioning system or GPS is getting exposed to hacking, which provides some precarious security risks in a range of applications from controlling air traffic to communicating through satellites. One of

Google’s VR Footwear to let you walk boundlessly in the VR World

Ready Player one, directed by Steven Spielberg delights its viewers by giving them an overview on how future might look. There is something similar to that of an OASIS — a wide-ranging virtual universe, explains the publisher. Google has developed a Virtual Reality footwear and patented it. This footwear is driven by a motorized platform and is covered with a flex region at the bottom surface of the sole. With

Investors and Clients to benefit with Ripple Technology Improvement

Ripple, a renowned payment protocol for financial transactions including those pertaining to cryptocurrency is devising a plan to enhance its technology. This enhancement in payment network technology concerning cryptocurrency is not only going to be beneficial for end users but for ripple investors too. To shed light on the matter, the company recently launched two white papers. One white paper discussed about the algorithm underlying the payment platform whereas the

New Computer Chip to Use less Power and Enhance Computing Speed

Researchers at Princeton University have designed a new form of computer chip that improves the performance and reduces power consumption of artificial-intelligence systems. This computer chip, coupled with some programming languages, could be majorly beneficial for gadgets such as smartphones, watches and other devices that consume more battery power. A technique known as in-memory computing is developed to overcome an analytical issue that compels processors to spend more energy and

Changing Physiology to Instigate Increased Food Consumption

The total populace could cross nine billion out of a couple of years, contrasted with simply over 7.6 billion at this point. Be that as it may, a normal individual later on will need more food than the present day. Changes in dietary patterns, dispositions towards food squander, and increments in stature and weight, and statistic advances are a portion of the reasons. As indicated by WWF, the world’s most

Team of Researchers Develop Drones Taking Inspiration from Wasps

Wasps are considered as one of the most loathed creepy crawlies that are living on the planet. And recently, the buzzing of these wasps have been creating some inspiration for the team of scientists. These scientists are making efforts to create a super-strong flying drones and the results of the research studies have been quite remarkable. A team of researchers from the Stanford University of California and the EPFL in