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Top 5 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2014

The question that always dwindles in mind is which will be the perfect pick of your phone for the season. A number of attributes are to be taken into consideration, while choosing a good phone. User friendly features, easy navigation, various features, compatibility, battery life, resolution of the graphics, size of the screen, ability of multitasking, all are weighed while purchasing a new Smartphone. On the net, you can go through the description of these phones. You can also do a thorough research regarding the cost efficiency and functions of different Smartphone. Comparing their features can also be a good idea. Well, if you are planning to have a nice piece of technology within the grip of your palm soon, then you can consider few phones that will probably rule the charts in 2014.

Be updated of new features with iPhone 5S

Starting with the iPhone 5S, its exclusive and detailed design makes it stand apart from the others in the league. Apparently, you would not notice much difference, with that of the previous version, it has various internal modifications. Paired with an updated version of iOS, you will be treated with a refined yet mature experience. You need not wait for software updates, as the Apple store always has new apps to offer to its user. The bit support and the coprocessor prepare it to rule the list of best phones in the year to come. As always, the camera is equipped with a good flash unit, and there is a fingerprint scanner that adds security to the phone.

Experience voice commands with Nexus 5

You cannot afford to miss the charm of Nexus 5. It works on an Android platform and perfectly fulfills the aim, that Google wanted it to play. Unparalleled display, with detailed features gives tough competition to many of the chart rulers. It is worth the money you spend because of its processor and various new features. You would fall in love with the new dialer that integrates apps with search of local business. Just speak near the receptors of the home screen, and command, you can seamlessly send text messages, or search through the browser.

One phone that’s sure to be a hit in 2014 is the Samsung Galaxy S5, some rumors suggest the phone could be available as early as April and will come with a huge number of features to ensure it can compete with the iPhone 5S and the Nexus 5.

Wait for Samsung Galaxy S5

Much awaited phone of the year is Samsung Galaxy S5. It is expected to hit the racks in the month of April this year. Going by the grapevine, two versions of the phone will be available. The high-priced one will have the metal make whereas the cheaper version will be of plastic. It seems that the manufacturer has taken tips from Apple’s launching strategies. The phone will be utilizing Android platform and has a rear facing camera. To speak of battery life, it is said that it will last for a minimum of two days.

Enjoy flexibility with LG G Flex

Gone are the days of curved phones, as now you can lay your hands on a Smartphone that is flexible and comfortable to hold. Holding the LG G Flex against your face, for making call is seamless. You can exert pressure on it to any extent, without any worry of breakage. The chassis is self-healing, so you can scratch the back endlessly, but the marks will disappear automatically. The battery is long lasting, and the swift Snapdragon CPU adds innovation to the phone. OLED panel of the phone makes viewing easy from different angles.

Motorola Moto G suits your budget

Well, Motorola Moto G has surprised the mobile lovers around the world. If you are on a tight budget, then this is a phone that you cannot let slip through. The design is great, and the display is superb. You need not worry about the battery life, as it can surpass various Smartphone that cost double its price. It is perfect for daily use, as the navigation is easy, and the display is aesthetically pleasing. If you want to test your photographic skill, then you can have some nice shots with this Smartphone.

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