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Spotify: A Look At The New Features

Spotify is already the innovator among the music-streaming services. With new features, the vendor develops more towards social networking. The company has always relied on a social gearing of its members: To Spotify registration was long a Facebook account duty belonged songs and playlists can easily share with friends – all the way automatically. The social features of Spotify are practically the epitome of “Frictionless sharing”.

New Spotify client: Focus on Profile and follow function

In the beta version of the next desktop client releases, could try the The Next Web, are first of all some of the early December featured new Spotify features found. These can include the new follow-Tab, which replaces the current “Friends” tab to Analog Instagram, Twitter and many other services other members (friends, groups and so on) followed – on request. Inform alerts on new tracks of an artist. Also, the profile pages have been drilled and completed a timeline that records some new favorites and playlists (ifenabled). Interesting artists have exactly the same basic profiles.

The Next Web reminded of the “good old days of MySpace,” which also went straight from the interaction between musicians and fans, the feature is its charm and falls naturally so, as is believed by artists and their agencies -., Given the large user base of Spotify but the odds are good that the artist’s profile is not orphaned. After Spotify recently finally also offers a web client for music playback, web profiles are here obviously the next stage. the still very spartan profiles   (possibly showing top tracks) during the follow function drilled powerfully likely (analogous to the client).

How much space is there for yet another social network

There will be other innovations on The Next Web is not allowed to write. It is clear that Spotify transformed further from “Facebook appendage” to “full-fledged social network for music lovers.” Entrepreneurial definitely a smart move: reveal the turmoil of social games-forge Zynga, how dangerous can be too great a dependence on Facebook. Whether to accept the user another “need of care” social network or the service just does not want to use just to listen to their music, is another matter.

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