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Signs that Your Technology is Behind the Times

Technology is growing and changing fast, and more often than not, it seems impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest technology out there. We all want to have the best of the best, but when there is a new gadget coming out every few months, it’s not practical or reasonable to expect to buy every single one.

However, you need to stay current with technology to do a number of things well in life. Most people’s jobs actually require it, but you also need recent technology to communicate with others, spend money and travel. So how can you tell if you have all of the technology that you need to stay current with our society? Here are some of the signs that your technology is behind the times.

You are still using an old social media site

Social media sites are appearing out of every corner of the internet almost too fast to even keep up with, but there are a few favorites that people have been gravitating towards. Most people today are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are still using sites like Myspace and AOL, you should consider making a new profile.

You can’t remember your passwords

This is not necessarily a sign that the specific technologies that you are using are behind the times, but it may be a sign that you need to make some changes. Forgetting your passwords is not a sign of old age, but a sign that you should be upgrading your technology. Try out a new provider for your services like TV by DirecTV to get the best possible experience that you will remember.

You can’t pick the shows you want to watch and when you want to watch them

New TV and movie options allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies whenever you want to, so there is no reason to have to plan your day around your favorite shows’ schedules anymore. There are many options, from internet streaming capabilities to recording from your satellite system; there are plenty of ways to ensure that you never miss an episode again.

Your TV or computer has a ‘tube’

Flat screens of today are not only prettier to look at, they are also better functioning and more practical. The flat screen monitor and TV is not a really new thing, so if you are still working with any device that does not have a flat screen, you need to get with the times and make a switch to a newer model.

You still have to work around wires

There are wireless options for every electronic that you could possibly image, so there is no need to struggle around cords anymore. Find wireless options for charging, internet and lighting, just to name a few. You can eliminate the eye sore of a lot of cords dangling around, but also save yourself the hassle of figuring out what cord goes to what device.

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