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New Samsung Galaxy S IV Review By Tech You N Me

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is one of the most talked about (and awaited for that matter) smartphones up to date. This is largely because of the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S III performed significantly well in the market last year. One thing that you should expect though is that the Galaxy S IV is very reminiscent of its predecessor, so if you thought that the new model will feature a change in terms of design, you may be disappointed. But overall, the Samsung Galaxy S IV delivers a whole lot of things that you will definitely find great for a Smartphone.

So here is a brief overview of what this new release from the Korean telecoms company has to offer.

Design and Build Quality

If what you are specifically looking for is a premium-looking Smartphone similar to HTC One, you may not want to invest your money on the Samsung Galaxy S IV. To say the least, the Galaxy S IV is very similar to its predecessor, the S III. If you are a loyal Samsung consumer, you know how this Korean manufacturing company tends to use plastic materials, in the hopes of making its products more consumer budget-friendly. The S IV is built from a lot of plastic materials, but it still a great looking phone in general. It does leave a lot to be desired, in terms of construction materials.

The Galaxy S IV is larger than the S III. It also has a much more superior 4.99-inch full HD touch screen display screen compared to its predecessor. The front still features the traditional black but it now has a more attractive mesh-like type of finish. The S IV is also lighter than the S III, with a weight of just 130 grams. Its exact dimension is 136.6 mm by 69.8 mm by 7.9 mm.

Processor and RAM

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos 5 Octa processor paired with a RAM of 2 GB. The processor runs on a quad-core Cortex-A15 cluster with a clock speed of 1.6GHz. This intelligent processor switches tasks based on intensity, which results in significantly better performance as well as a longer lasting battery life.


The Galaxy S IV sports a 4.99 inch display panel screen that features a full HD 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution. This gives around 440 ppi. As a result, the visuals have an extremely high level of detailing – comparable to the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One.

Operating System

Unlike the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One, as well as most of the other Android mobile devices available on the market today, the Galaxy S IV will be shipped with the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system (version 4.2). This means that you will have access to the latest version of the Android operating system. The S IV is the only current flagship handphone that runs on this latest Android OS.

The Verdict

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is a great piece of mobile device. Regular users will find it great for everyday tasks. Even those who will use it for business will see that it is a great addition to their office telecoms platform. However, if you are looking for a more established office telephony system, you may want to look into the RingCentral business VoIP service.

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