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Does Hosting Service Selection Plays Any Role In Ranking Your Page In Search Engine

The search engine optimization process of a website depends upon the website hosting facility you are choosing. Thus, it truly makes sense to choose the service provider with great care. In fact, there are many types of factors that need to be taken into account, in order, to ensure that your website can rank well in the SERP page. There is no point in getting lured by the cheap services that are provided by many companies.

Multiple Things Considered

Among the many things that need to be taken into account while searching around for the hosting provider can be highlighted as below:

  • Local Data Centre
  • Unique IP Address
  • SEO Friendly Settings

In order to be able to able to target a particular area, it is important that you search for a company that has its datacenter in that specific country. The local hosted websites are attached more importance, and it is critical that you find hosting providers that are based on the local search engine results.

Types Of Redirecting

There are some website hosting providers that prefer in hosting multiple domain names, in the same address. This is never a nice thought as it cannot be looked upon as a SEO friendly approach. When many websites are hosted on the same server, Google consider the same as spam and the ranking of the website can get affected seriously. In such cases, there remains every possibility that your server can be backlisted by Google Search Engine. While choosing the hosting service provider, you must ensure that the same boats of SEO friendly settings. The different types of redirecting that can be expected include:

  • Mod_rewrite
  • Mod_alias
  • 302 redirect
  • Custom 404 Page errors

Taking into account the SEO friendly settings while searching around for the hosting service provider ensures that your websites ranks high in the SERP page.

Generate User Friendly URL

You need to search around for a SEO friendly hosting plan that holds the ability to provide user friendly URLs. In case of dynamically generated URLs, you might be faced with a few problems. The first might be that visitors will find it difficult to remember the address and search engines will face difficulty in indexing or crawling of the webpages. This is one of the reasons that you are supposed to take into account the same while opting for any type of website hosting service provider. If the hosting facility is not on Apache, you will not be able to benefit from the URL rewriting features.

Customer Services

The promptness with which the website hosting related issues are taken care of also determines the ranking of your page in the leading search engines. Hence, it makes sense to focus on the technical assistance and customer services that are offered by the service provider. It is important that you search around for a company that can offer you with customer support by means of resorting to options such as; web based knowledge base, tickets system and email, as well.

In order to benefit from the right kind of hosting benefit, you need to look around for the service provider that offers you access to the files such as verification files, robots.txt and sitemap.xml. You need to think twice before you consider opting for any type of service seeker if they are not offering you access to the root folder. There are many instances where host of websites have not been able to rank well in the SERP and has failed due to the improper placing of the file in the website.

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