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Auxo: How Should Function The Default App Switcher In iOS 6

Within months, a team of developers has converted an App Switcher for iOS concept into a working product. The application extends the Auxo multitasking bar of iPhone and Co. to useful functions and shows Apple at once, which can be teased out from iOS.

Axo App Switcher for iOS 6 as soon in Cydia Store

For several years, multitasking is an integral part of iOS, unfortunately, has changed since the introduction of the basic function very little. While iOS 4.0 also allowed for third-party access to the facility, but it was already. As in so many corners of iOS, it also lacks the app switcher of fresh ideas.

This thought also “SentryNC ”, a member of The-Verge Forum  and published a series of mockups. In these concept studies he has the App Switcher added a number of new functions. A part of his idea was a kind of map-view on which not only the respective active application could be seen, but also indicating the status, or new mail, messages and the like. Using gestures to switch to the user should be in a position between running apps, and they end with a simple wiping gesture – even multiple applications at the same time.

The concept enjoyed extremely popular, so that together included a team of developers and tinkered with the idea of a functioning application. After two months SentryNC, hadJack Willis and  JamieD360 done it. The app called Auxo has not only described the app-switching, but you also have controls for switching on and off of Wi-Fi, integrated Bluetooth and other system functions that works in the same way such as SBSettings.

There will probably be quite a few iOS users who want such practical features on their iPhone or iPad, but Apple does not allow it to offer this type app via App Store. Auxo there will be for this reason solely via the alternative app store. To use this known to be a jailbreak is required. Currently only supports iOS Auxo 6 and will in a few days in the Cydia Store available for download, is also working on a version for iOS 5. Unfortunately, owners of an iPhone 5 have to wait anything from this tweak, because a jailbreak can still be.

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