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AskMe Android App Review: The Bapp of all apps!!

The efficiency of a Smartphone is determined by the applications the smartphone has, that is the more helpful and useful an application a Smartphone has, the easier it is for the user to interact. If so, then it is crucial to have certain applications that help user to relate to its environment more easily. Well the popularity of Smartphones is apparent everywhere and nearly everyone has a Smartphone nowadays.

About AskMe:

AskMe, which is an Android application developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd which provides Smartphone users with the information about their localities in various different ways.

AskMe features

Lets look at some of the best features of this wonderful AskMe App:

  • Hunt and locate companies around your locality.
  • Search out good deals tendered by your local business.
  • Understand about the good companies in your zone by reading various reviews.
  • Share local businesses with family and friends though twitter, SMS, e-mail and Facebook so they also can get to know about it.
  • Search for contacts and addresses of tens to thousands of businesses together at a click of a button and get in touch with them.
  • Get added information on businesses, for example, their ratings, opening and closing hours, modes of payment. This will assist you in making the right choice easily.

User Interface:

The benefit of the AskMe app is it is not difficult to use and its user interface is superb. It shows the best answers to your search queries.

Download AskMe App from Google Play Store now, the link is given below.

You could also find the app through the following link:

In conclusion, it is a fantastic app that offers a lot of aid to Smartphone users and will be very useful. What have you been waiting for? You are one step away from making your life easier with the AskMe app. Get it and love life in a smart way.

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