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6 Reasons Why You Must Choose To Use Jango Radio

With the increasing popularity of online radio stations like Pandora, music enthusiasts now have several options when listening to their favorite songs or music genre. Another Internet radio station is Jango Radio, which started in 2007. It gets more than 30 million visitors each month in United States alone.

With all the similar sites available on the web today, why should you choose to use Jango? Let’s take a look at the reasons why it’s worth checking out. You may not be a Jango user yet at this point. But once done reading, don’t be surprised if you find yourself signing up on the site.

It’s Free

There you have it, the magical word that everyone loves; FREE! There’s no cost to sign up for an account. If you love listening to music online, why not try it when you don’t have to spend anything?

There’s really nothing to lose. And if it turns out that you like it (which you probably would), you can continue enjoying its features. There may be some advertisements on the page, which would not really disrupt your listening pleasure, except for one ad a day that would interrupt the music you’re playing. But after that, you can continue to enjoy playing your favorite songs.

Offers Wide Selection of Music

Whatever type of music you like or whoever your favorite artist is, you would find something that would match your taste because of its wide selections of songs. You can search the name of your favorite artists to listen to their music. Other artists on the same genre will also be shown in case you would like to add them on your station too.

Prefer to search a station based on the genre? That’s also possible. Click on the genre you like and the stations will be listed for you to select from. Some of these categories include alternative, blues, country, dance, decades from 60’s to 2000’s, pop, R&B, jazz and country.

Available in Various Platforms

Jango Radio can be accessed in different platforms. You can use your favorite browser on your computer or laptop to go to its official website and sign in with your account or listen to radio stations. If you have a web enabled mobile device, you may also go to the said site using your phone’s or tablet’s browser.

Having difficulties accessing the site on a smaller screen? That’s not a problem as Jango Radio has a native application available for Android and iOS. Go to the iTunes Store to get for your iOS device and Google Play Store to download the app on your Android device. With this, you can listen to the music that you love whenever, wherever.

It’s Social

This is one of the things that separate Jango Radio from most Internet radio stations or even regular radio stations. It lets you add users, share stations, as well as send and receive messages with each other. You can connect to people that has the same interest as yours, thus meeting new friends and growing your network.

Lets You Create Your Own Station

With a regular radio station, you don’t have control on what music will be played, that’s unless you request a song from the DJ. But with Jango Radio, you can create your own station and add your favorite artists so you can listen to the songs you like. Since this is a radio station, the songs will be played randomly. Furthermore, music for similar artists will also be played, even if you didn’t add them.

However, you have the option to block an artist, in case there is one that you really do not want to be added on your station. You may also like particular songs if you want to listen to them more often. Adding other users’ radio stations is also possible so they would be easier to find if you wish to listen to them.

Provides Exposure to New Artists

Jango Radio is not just for avid music listeners. It’s also a great platform for aspiring artists or independent musicians. It offers Radio Airplay, which allows users to upload their own music to be played on Jango Radio. Signing up for a Radio Airplay account is free.

You can choose which artists and what type of music you would like to be associated with. Your songs will then be played on stations that play songs from that genre or artists you choose, giving you exposure.

And that completes our list on the reasons why Jango Radio is worth using. What music genre will you play on your station?

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