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5 YouTube Channels for All Your Home Improvement and DIY Needs

Whether you need some inspiration, a few ideas, or even if there’s something that you’re not sure how to do, YouTube is the destination you need to look up. Packed with millions of informational videos, YouTube is the ultimate knowledge bank, giving you instant information at the click of a button. So if you need some home improvements tips, or some ideas on home repair and remodeling, or even you’re an avid DIY enthusiast, following is a list of 5 epic YouTube channels that will give you a wealth of information on home improvement, interior design, and home repair.


If you’re looking for some handy instructional videos, eHow is one cracking YouTube channel that won’t let you down. Right from home maintenance to décor suggestions, to cleaning tips and even troubleshooting problems around the home, eHow is packed with scores of awesome videos and clips that are pretty useful. You can also lay your hands on videos that offer you affordable furnishing ideas, finishing touches for your home repairs, tips and advice on common household problems and much more. Though the channels browsing feature might not be the best, the channels content and overall functionality is undeniably good.

Video Jug

When it comes to online instructional videos, VideoJug is one of the big boys out there, offering its viewers some of the best home improvement videos on the web. Speaking of figures, VideoJug’s main website has a collection of over 50,000 videos, with more than hundreds of Youtube videos dedicated to do-it-yourself projects around the home, as well as separate channels for food, drink, beauty, and style. Some instructional videos are sponsored ones, and so advertising might appear. Nevertheless, the advertisements are usually short and not intrusive. Moreover, the videos are clear and concise, offering viewers advice on a series of how-to topics on interior design and home improvement.

What do you do if you need any information, or if you have any questions or doubts regarding home improvement? It’s simple – you ask the builder! Our awesome builder in question, professional Tim Carter has been into remodeling and rebuilding of homes since more than four decades. With all his skill, expertise, and accumulated knowledge, he started a website, which is also a nifty YouTube channel, offering guidance to viewers. The channels features a series of handy video tutorials that are fast-paced, information, and extremely useful. Be it masking tape, roof moss, or any possible topic, Carter has plenty of handy advice to offer. Moreover, his easy approach and simple explanations will make your like his videos all the more, and for all you know, you might get hooked onto DIY-ing in no time!

Ron Hazelton

Ron Hazelton is yet another ingenious expert who can tell you all that you’ve ever wanted to know about home improvement and renovations. Ron will show you how to apply wallpaper, how to wash windows, how to strip paint, how to drill a shank hole, how to paint, and much more! The best part about Ron’s videos is his style of delivering his sessions – personal and friendly. At times, he might just sound like a friendly neighbor giving you lessons in home improvement. Besides, he always gives his viewers a variety of solutions, rather than focusing on one solution. This way the viewer can decide which method suits them the best. What’s more, his instructions are precise and easy to follow, thereby making the job look easy and removing the fear-factor from any home repair that you might have been avoiding since a while.

Home Addition Plus

Having some trouble remodeling your home? Need some handy advice on home improvement? No problem – let Mark Donovan show you how it’s done. HomeAdditionPlus is a fantastic YouTube channel by Mark Donovan, who happens to be an expert in the field of home remodeling and renovation. Through his videos, Donovan gives his viewers access to information on a range of topics such a tool reviews, how-to tips, and house repair tips. The channel also provides contractor bid sheets, home building, and planning products to assist viewers with DIY, remodeling, and home improvement projects. Though most of his videos do offer step-by-step visuals, some videos don’t and so this channel might seem more ideal for viewers who already possess some amount of intermediate skills or prior knowledge. Novices who need guidance through every stage might not find all videos helpful.

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