Canada Continues to Improve its Non-hydro Renewable Energy Capacity

A number of countries have realized that fossil fuel is unreliable as well as harmful, and that the future is with renewable energy. Canada is one of the first few countries to make the shift away from fossil fuel and harness renewables. The country has widespread exploration and extraction activities currently underway and they have been adding to their capacity to generate power from solar, wind, and biomass at a

First Smartphone Powered by SC9853I Produced in China!

Spreadtrum Communications company in China known for its fabless semiconductor with advanced technology in 2G, 3G, 4G wireless communication standards. The company has announced an Intel architecture based 14 mm mid and high end LTE platform which is being adopted by LEAGOO T5c smartphones. This will be the world’s first smartphone produced by China which is powered by SC9853I and has been launched on 4th December 2017. 25% More Operational

Digital Outdoor Advertising to Change Face of Advertising Industry

The digital outdoor advertising sector is witnessing a profound transformation owing to the confluence of advanced technologies and improved control of remote products with the help of smart computing devices such as mobile phones. Analysts predict that the transformation could be positive for the digital outdoor advertising industry.  The industry has witnessed a massive rise in investment in the past decade and several mergers and acquisitions happened. Google acquired DoubleClick,

Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence can Design Apparel!

A team of researchers from Adobe Research and the University of California, San Diego, have displayed how neural network and artificial intelligence (AI) one day could create customized designs for apparel to assist apparel manufacturers and vendors in meet consumers’ demand and provide them with exactly what they want. Wang-Cheng Kang, the first-author and a Ph.D. (computer science) student at the University of California, stated that they have proved that

LED Lights Found to Cause Grave Light Pollution Worldwide

Based on the analysis journal Science Advances it shows that the satellite information demonstrating that the Earth’s night is getting more illuminated, and misleadingly lit open air surfaces developed at a speed of 2.2 percent every year between 2012 and 2016. Specialists say that is an issue since evening lights are now found to disturb our body tickers and increase the dangers of tumor, diabetes and sadness. Concerning creatures, these

Organic and Healthy Meds are Paving New Way for Family Health

Majority of us take it for granted that the medications we take will always be beneficial for our health. When it is the case with our children, we usually pay a close attention to the long list of ingredients on the packaging label. The same was the case with the CEO of Genexa, David Johnson, whose company based out of Beverly Hills and is a CA-based manufacturer of non-GMO, organic

Oxygen to Provide Fresh and Clean Air in Home Surrounding

The group of scientists who found the item called Oxygen, guarantees that their development will give new and clean air to our home without minimal heat loss. Scientists working at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Startup Space, are building up a noiseless and vigorously productive ventilation gadget (recuperator), which holds up around 89 percent of warmth. The fundamental Oxygen’s distinction from average ventilation gadgets is its comparatively smaller size. The

Extreme Bond Strength to become a Key Feature of API’s Laminating Adhesive

Brand improvement expert API has made a leap forward in the execution of its metallized polyester film overlaid with the emergence of another adhesive system. Having been effectively trialed through a thorough testing program, the new adhesive is an appreciated expansion to the range utilized by API in Europe, as it offers enhanced peel quality, decreasing the danger of delamination amid consequent assembling forms. As a pioneer in the field

Tech Summit Reveals Blockchain Penetration in India and its Impact

The twentieth release of the Tech Summit at Bengaluru Tech sorted out by its division and BT, Government of Karnataka at Bangalore, covers every one of the parts of as of now rising and progressing innovations. One such innovation is the Blockchain, and to show the perspectives of patterns, security and appropriation were the investors from the business who have been proactive in forming it up the way it has

3D Nano-magnets to Process Information Faster in Electronic Devices

Electronic devices may have evolved dramatically over the years, yet the manner in which they store and transmit information (bits) still remains the same since 1960’s – in two dimensional (2D) circuits. This, however, is set to change soon as well, since University of Cambridge researchers have come up with a magnetic circuit on nano-scale that enables information to be transmitted through three dimensions (3D) space. The new discovery could

Self-Driving Shuttle Bumped into Delivery Truck in Vegas

In Las Vegas, a self-driving shuttle test in boulevards brought about a minor collision with a conveyance truck on Wednesday, with city authorities accusing the delivery truck driver. The truck driver was issued an activity ticket, authorities of Las Vegas said in an online post in regards to a minor impact. “The shuttle did its job perfectly, where its sensors supported the truck and the shuttle ceased to control the

Norway Opens First Fully Remote-controlled Platform

The Valemon field is one of the primary stand-alone development project in Norway by Statoil that contains nearly 192 million barrels of oil. Owing to its extremely high temperate and high pressure in fragmented nature, the reservoir is complex. Last weekend, it was announced that Valemon control room at Sandsli will be first of its kind platform that will operated completely remotely from land.  The head of the operation at

First Humanoid Robot Granted Citizenship by Saudi Arabia

Human-like robots is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Given the gigantic strides made in technology, it is already a reality! On October 25, a robot named Sophia, with delicate woman-like demeanor, became a citizen of Saudi Arabia. This is a first in the entire world. What’s more – the robot herself made the announcement at the Future Investment Initiative Conference held in Saudi Arabia, stating she was feeling

In a First, Electricity-generating Solar Greenhouses Help Grow Crops

Greenhouse farming, which has been in existence for over centuries, has evolved to dramatically up the volume of crops it helps produce. Thanks to constant progress in technology, it is now primed for another makeover. So long powered by electricity from the grid, greenhouse farming could soon have a new solar greenhouse technology driving it.  A recent experiment by researchers showed that “smart greenhouses” are effective in arresting solar energy

Lightest Robot Invented Supporting Swimming and other Activities

Another insect motivated minor robot that can move amongst air and water is a lightweight.  Measuring the same as around six grains of rice, it is the lightest robot that can fly, swim and dispatch itself from water, a worldwide group of analysts’ reports October 25 in Science Robotics. The bot is around 1,000 times lighter than other already created flying oceanic robots. Later on, this sort of sea-going flier

New Era Introduced by Chinese President

China’s new initiative line-up was the latest act to play in the deliberately scripted show of the Communist Party Congress. Once more Xi Jinping opposed tradition. Part of the way through one Party boss’ decade in control, a pioneer in-holding up would ordinarily show up in a celebrity main street function at the Great Hall of the People. Yet, the men alongside Mr Xi were all in their late 50s

False News about Las Vegas Attack Propagated by Google and Facebook

Facebook and Google propagated false news stories asserting that the shooter who murdered more than 50 individuals in Las Vegas was a Democrat who restricted Donald Trump. The misidentification spread quickly from dull corners of the web to standard stages hours after hundreds were harmed at a celebration close to the Mandalay Bay club, the most recent case of phony news contaminating online networking in the midst of a breaking

IoT Connected Machines Market:  Real Time Control & Response over the Complicated Automated Processes being the Key Drivers

Internet of Things (IoT) connect machines to build an ecosystem transforming them into intelligent broader embedded systems. They help facilitate real-time data tracking, enabling marketing and effective communication of any business leveraging connected machines. This helps to bring about process optimization through transparency, traceability, adaptability, scalability, and flexibility to the system. This also helps to bring about optimized resource consumption of the factors of production involved in each project. Further,

Pages Sharing Fake News Being Banned by Facebook

  Facebook has taken another strict step. This time the action taken is against the nuisance that fake news create on social network. Facebook has decided that it will block Pages that share fake news from advertising on Facebook at all. This has been implemented since Monday. Facebook, in a blog post said that third party fact checkers will be banned from buying ads if Pages are repeatingly sharing stories

Robot Makers Yet to Address Vulnerabilities, Point Out Researchers

Earlier in January, researchers had warned almost six robot manufacturers of about 50 vulnerabilities in their industrial, home, and business robots. Recently they said that the issues have still not been taken care of. The researchers named Lucas Apa and Cesar Cerrudo from IOActive, a cyber-security firm, said the vulnerabilities would make is easier for hackers to spy on users, impair safety features, and control them to make dangerous moves.