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Sony VAIO PRO 13 Specs, Price And Review

Sony a Japanese MNC is a leading manufacturer of white goods it has been launching laptops and ultra book from quite some time now under the brand name of VAIO.

There have been many light weight and super slim ultra book which has been manufactured to take on Apple Mac Air but there was one thing which was missing from them the price these laptop were priced quiet high as a result when it come to choice Apple Mac used to emerge winner to counter these Vaio has just launched a new version of ultra book PRO13 today we are going to have a closure look at these deceive from Sony.

Build and Display

Pro 13 body has been made of carbon fiber which makes it quiet light at just 1.03 KG which is even lighter than mac Book at 1.35 KG the lightness is not just because of the material used but Sony has distributed the weight so efficiently that it feels light too and there is also a traces of machined aluminum which again is one of the lightest component.

Power cable port and the air vent are placed on the left side while the right side is fitted with twin USB 3.0 compliant ports, a HDMI port, a SD card reader and a 3.5 audio jack. Overall the build and design is quiet brilliant.

Apart from the design and build which as described earlier is quiet brilliant the same can be said of display to the Pro 13 is also a visual treat. The 13.3-inch LED backlit TFT TRILUMINOS Display has got excellent viewing angle offers full HD resolution with pin sharp detail, High brightness and contrast and with full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution .

OS, Specification and Hardware

This lightweight Windows 8 Vaio do not freeze at all powered by 4th generation( new chip by Intel which offer better battery backup, better performance and good display) i5 processor  4GB ram (which is not expandable), 128 GB SSD and Intel HD 4400 graphics and as the drive is SSd not SATA hence the boot time is quiet fast it get a 5.6 score on window experience index( with graphics getting the lowest of 5.6) which is quiet good for ultra book

The keyboard is rock solid, typing is quiet easy in it island style keyboard which is LED black-lit and as the laptop is thin hence the keyboard travel shallow but the button on the trackpad was bit stiff and looses out when compared to Mac Book.


So is pro 13 better than Mac Book? The answer is both yes and no if you want a better battery then the answer is no, but if watching movies and multimedia is your concern than this ultra book with a better and full HD display and with a price tag of $1000 is a right choice for you.

Good : Great screen, Brilliant performance, sleek & slim design,

Bad : RAM can be expanded only up to 4 GB, Only 2 USB and no Ethernet.

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