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Physicists Search for Monstrous Higgs Particle. It Could Seal the Fate of the Universe

We as a whole know and love the Higgs boson — which to physicists’ mortification has been erroneously labeled in the media as the “God molecule” — a subatomic molecule previously seen in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012. That molecule is a bit of a field that penetrates all of the room time; it collaborates with numerous particles, similar to electrons and quarks, furnishing those particles with mass, which is entirely cool.

In any case, the Higgs that we spotted was shockingly lightweight. As per our best gauges, it ought to have been significantly heavier. This opens up a fascinating inquiry: Sure, we detected a Higgs boson, yet was that the main Higgs boson? Are there all the more gliding around out there accomplishing their own things?

In spite of the fact that we don’t have any proof yet of a heavier Higgs, a group of specialists based at the LHC, the world’s biggest iota smasher, is delving into that question presently. What’s more, there’s a discussion that as protons are crushed together inside the ring-molded collider, powerful Higgs and even Higgs particles made up of different kinds of Higgs could leave covering up.

In the event that the overwhelming Higgs does surely exist, at that point, we have to reconfigure our comprehension of the Standard Model of molecule material science with the recently discovered acknowledgment that there’s considerably more to the Higgs than meets the eye. Also, inside those intricate collaborations, there may be an intimation to everything from the mass of the spooky neutrino molecule to a definitive destiny of the universe.

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