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Huge Savings on iPhone 12! 21% off On Amazon and Flipkart

You can get a terrific deal on an iPhone 12 right now thanks to a significant drop in the device’s price. Yes, if you’re intending on purchasing an iPhone, this information will be of use to you. On the iPhone 12, Amazon and Flipkart have advertised a 21% discount. What’s more? Both e-commerce websites are also offering bank and exchange offers on handsets in addition to direct discounts. Let’s see how much the iPhone 12’s pricing has dropped.

These new offers are available on Flipkart

The market or retail price of the iPhone 12 (64GB, Black) has been reduced by 21%. Using deals and discounts will help you save even more money on your iPhone purchase. Users with Flipkart Axis Bank credit cards are eligible for a 5% cashback promotion, with no minimum purchase required. Other bank offers are also available. With UPI, you can get up to Rs. 200 in savings and customers of Citibank can save up to 10%. You can look it up online.

iPhone exchange offer

Flipkart is also offering a discount on the iPhone 12 with an exchange offer. The exchange offer reduces the price of the iPhone 12 by Rs 15,500, bringing the final cost down to Rs 36,499. If the offer is accessible at your location, you will need to enter your PIN-code and see if it is. With the exchange, you get a discount based on the model of phone you’re trading.

Discounted iPhone XS/XS Max on Amazon

Amazon is also offering a 21% discount on the Apple iPhone 12 (64GB, Black) compared to the retail price. According to the color of the phone you want to buy, Amazon is offering an iPhone 12 at a discounted price. Exchange and bank promotions can help you save even more money on the iPhone. Amazon has the most recent price.

Amazon is offering an Exchange Offer

If you buy the iPhone 12 with an exchange on Amazon, you’ll get a discount of 14,950. The iPhone’s price rises to $37,049 when the discount and exchange offer is applied. In order to take advantage of the exchange offer, you will need to enter your PIN-code and see if it is available at your local store. What you’ll get in return for your old phone is determined by its model and condition.

Bank Offers on Amazon

Amazon is offering a ten percent discount to customers who sign up for a bank account. Bank of Baroda credit card purchases are eligible for a rebate of up to Rs 5000.

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