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How Will Cloud Computing Affect Your Business?

Most business owners have heard of the cloud, but many are not sure how it will affect their business in the near future. If this sounds like you, then you might be interested to know that many in the industry predict that cloud computing will soon be a large part of your IT infrastructure, certainly within the next five years.

In fact, it is believed that cloud computing will shortly become an essential part of your IT infrastructure with many new technologies being developed to support this move. So here are a few predictions on how cloud computing will affect your business over the next five to ten years.

  • Software will be on-demand: Instead of purchasing a software application and setting it up on your own computing network, many businesses will simply pay a service fee and access software on demand. This will reduce computing costs because you don’t need to keep updating software or fixing glitches.
  • Software will be more flexible: Software will change from a single entity to a modular ecosystem, where users can quickly modify individual software components, across a variety of different clouds, to create applications that suit their specific needs. As these needs change, users simply redefine the software modules they need to access. In other words, software as a service will grow massively over the next few years.
  • Computing will be faster and cheaper: The expected rise in applications, developed specifically for the cloud, coupled with faster processers will lead to super-fast connections at reduced costs. The massive size of the cloud will breed applications with greater scalability, leading to more complex and faster software promoting high-speed communications and increasing the amount of data that can be processed.
  • Hybrid clouds will be the norm: With the massive surge in software developed for the cloud and the increase in cloud technology, most businesses will adopt some form of hybrid cloud architecture. In the near future, it is unlikely that complete cloud infrastructure will be implemented by many businesses, as currently a combination of cloud and on-site applications offers the best of both worlds.
  • Business start-ups will be cloud-based: Due to both the scalability and the increase in cloud technologies and applications, new businesses will move towards a cloud-based IT infrastructure. There will be less need to buy new hardware and software programs as applications and platforms will be accessed as needed and on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The future of cloud computing is all about growth, speed, and flexibility. For cloud storage in Australia visit Amcomand find out how cloud computing can help your business leverage this exciting and growing technology.

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