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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Smartphone with this Apps

As a smartphone user, you may be able to recover important files, such as photographs or videos, that have been accidentally deleted from your phone. So it may be difficult for you to do so. However, the data you’ve stored on Google Drive, such as photos, videos, and documents, can be easily recovered. You can, however, restore these photos and videos if they aren’t saved on your external drive.

You can restore photos, videos, and audio files that have been accidentally deleted from your phone using one of these apps. Let’s take a closer look at these apps and learn all that we can about them.

Data is available on the phone even after it is deleted

Deleted photos and files remain in the phone’s image file and can be accessed under the specified storage location even after they are removed from the phone. It’s as if the new image has replaced the previous one. In this case, all of the phone’s data is gone for good. When a phone is reset to its factory settings or formatted, all data on it is lost.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos

These apps have a unique feature: They can restore deleted files from the phone’s temporary storage. He uses your phone’s camera to do this. Your file is then scanned and displayed in front of your eyes. A Recycle Bin and Reset folder will not be restored by this app.

Retrieve Deleted Photos Apps list

  1. DiskDigger photo recovery 4.7MB
  2. File Recovery – Restore Files 7.3MB
  3. Photo & Video & Audio Recover 5.4MB
  4. Deleted File Recovery 4.5MB
  5. File Recovery – Recover Deleted Files 4.0MB

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