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EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

Where do you store your data mostly? If your answer is on your computer, then you know there is risk of losing data due to various reasons. Therefore, it is very important that you have your data secured, but what if you could recover them? Don’t be surprised! Many of us have the bad habit of not securing our data as we think that nothing will happen to our computer but in reality that is not the case.

The computer can crash anytime or your data might get lost due to some malicious spyware or malware. This might take you off-guard and you will be clueless about how to fix it. If the lost data are professional information then everything will be at stake or for that matter even if your personal information is lost then also you might suffer grave loss financially. So you see either ways data loss is a huge loss or you have to come over it in any possible ways.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery

But, now we have something which will help us in recovering our data when it is lost and it is called EaseUS Free Data Recovery. It provides support to your PC or Laptop and the service is extended to an external disk, SD card, USB and much more. It efficiently recovers all your documents, video, image, email and what not. Anything that you have stored in your PC can be recovered by EaseUS free Data Recovery.

Reasons of data loss can be followed –

  • Human error
  • Formatting
  • Partition loss
  • Deleting by mistake

The reason might be any but the solution is one and that too in a safe and secured process through this data recovery software.

Recovering Data

In three simple steps you will get back what you wanted and can leave the rest. Actually the benefit of this software is that it allows you to preview the documents or images or videos before restoring so it helps you to decide whether you really want those files to be retrieved or not. The files can be recovered from anywhere like Digital camera, raw partition, hard drive, memory card, music player and so on. So follow these three simple steps and you will have your important data back –

  • First of all select the mode of recovery
  • Scan through the list
  • Then preview from the produced result and recover only those files that are required

Data loss situation

As you already know whatever the reason of data loss may be you can recover them through three different recovery modes –

  • Deleted File recovery
  • Complete Recovery
  • Partition Recovery

All this becomes even more attractive because you are getting this data recovery software free. You can also restore the lost data on your mobile and it is also the most popular partition manager software. This software allows you to change the size of partition without losing out on data; even restoring partition is also made possible through this software.

Still thinking why you should opt this? Then here are a small little trivia for you which will help you take the correct decision. You will get assistance round the clock through calls and live hat facility, millions of users are using it without any complaint and if you are not satisfied with the performance then you will get your money back within 30 days.

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