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Best iPad Kids Applications Never Miss This

Apple’s iPad is a great gadget for people of all ages. Equipped with lots of features, applications and functionalities, the iPad is an excellent device that meets the requirements of all types of people like businesses, kids, students, household people and more. Well-known for its high-performance and wonderful results, the iPad has won the heart of millions of people worldwide, and almost all people are looking to purchase iPad rather than laptops. The best part of this gadget is, it is a perfect entertaining device for your kids as well. This gadget can easily entertain your kids and keep them busy with its astonishing games and other resourceful applications.

We all know that Apple’s App Store is full of applications of multiple categories. At the official store of Apple applications, you can also find numerous iPad kids applications that come with lots of entertaining features to keep your kids happy and joyful. But the major point to consider is that you should download the best and most prominent iPad applications for kids that have worth features rather than any unpleased functionality. So there is no need to worry as here I have listed some top iPad kids applications that definitely loved by your kids.

Bean Bag Kids present Little Red Riding Hood (Free)

This is an excellent and reliable iPad application for your kids as it is an adaption of the classic fairy takes Little Red Riding Hood. In this application, bean bag doll styled dolls are acting the entire story of Little Red Riding Hood. It is an extraordinary application for your kids that entertains them and keeps their busy with it. It comes with lots of unique features that include real 3D characters, wonderful and funny sound effects, magnificent graphics and many more. So download this application on your iPad and have fun with your kids!

Draw Something 2 ($1.99)

Draw Something 2 is also a bestselling application that is loved by more than 100 million players. This wonderful application is a completely new way to draw guess and you can share it with your friends and dear ones. Through this application, you can collect all your kids’ favorite drawings in one place. Your kids can easily earn coins for playing Daily Guess and Daily Draw and have huge fun.

Trucks HD ($1.99)

Trucks HD is an educational and interesting application that teaches your kids about sorting, sequencing and problem-solving. The activities of this application will motivate your kid and stimulate their imaginations. This application is perfect for those kids, who love cars, trucks and other vehicles. You should download this app to keep your kids happy with the activities of this application.

Where’s My Perry? ($0.99)

Where’s My Perry is a physics-based puzzler in which you need to use water in all its different forms like liquid, ice and steam in order to solve the puzzle. Your kid will surely impress by its overflowing with spontaneous controls, lasers, vibrant spy-themed graphics and many more features. You can find over 140 puzzles in round 7 chapters and enjoy with your kids. You can easily download this application from the Apple app store!

Hugless Douglas ($2.99)

Hugless Douglas is another great iPad app for your kids that is loved by them because of its extraordinary and laugh-out-loud animations. Along with your kids, you will also love this application due to its heartwarming ending. In this application, a cute brown bear wakes up in the morning to find a hug, but he didn’t find it. He tries to hug different things like a huge boulder, a tall tree and more to find the hug that he wants. You and your kids will enjoy this game and spend some quality time together.

So these are some of the best and most outstanding iPad applications for your kids, so download these apps and enjoy with your kids by spending your time with them.

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