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ARM Releases New Cortex-A75, A55 CPUs, Mali-G72 GPU

Mobile processor giant ARM has announced its new lineup of premium CPUs and GPUs ahead of Computex, the Intel-dominated PC design showpiece event. The upgrade from ARM is claimed to represent a double-digit upgrade over their previous generation of devices, with the ARM Cortex-A75 claimed to offer a 22% improvement in terms of performance over the A73. The new Mali-G72 GPU, meanwhile, is claimed to be 25% more efficient than the G71. The A75, likely to be at the heart of a new fleet of flagship phones in 2018, is joined by the Cortex-A55, the most power-efficient mid-range CPU ever designed by ARM.

The Cortex-A75 offers 16% higher memory throughput than the A73, allied to a 34% improvement in Geekbench scores. The instructions-per-clock efficiency has been a prime beneficiary of the development, with single-threaded performance up by 20% over the A73 as a result.

Rising Demand for Mobile VR Content to Benefit ARM

The Cortex-A75’s premium capabilities make it a lead contender for rich mobile applications, among others. This includes its application in virtual reality applications, which are likely to rise in demand over the coming years. Owing to the immensely improved user experience offered by virtual reality, gaming, as well as movies, are likely to make use of the technology in the coming years. The increasing use of smartphones for the consumption of both is the target for the A75.

The new Mali-G72 GPU, meanwhile, is aimed at making full use of accumulated machine learning data. Though not a strong contender for accruing ML data, the rising number of applications for machine learning data is a key factor behind the innovations in the G72.

Widespread Adoption Likely by 2018

Major smartphone makers are likely to incorporate the new range of ARM architecture in their 2018 flagships. However, gauging by the launch of the Mate 9 by Huawei just nine months after the release of the Mali-G71, Chinese companies could steal a march in this race due to their ability to put designs into production almost without delay. ARM’s partners have had a few months to work with the design of the Cortex-A75 and A55, so late 2017 launches using the new line of ARM architecture could well be on the cards.

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