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Apple iOS 7 New Design Not Just End With The Appearance

According to media reports, the appearance of Apple iOS 7 has great changes: font more concise, the interface full of vigor and many projects displayed transparently. But the iOS 7 changes aren’t confined to appearance.

iOS 7 adds hundreds of new features, including the Control Center. Users will often use some controls, such as WiFi, screen brightness and music controls, the Control Center will help users to quickly find and use the required controls. Users can see the Notification Center on the lock screen, which can easily view calendar items, weather, traffic and other information.

One of the iOS 7 most important new features is multi-tasking. Users can easily achieve task switching, multitasking support for all applications. The AirDrop becomes new way for users to organize and share photos, the user can share photos with friends by simply clicking on photos. Photos will automatically organize your photos in accordance with the taken time and place. More Apple laptop parts are available at

Safari offers a full-screen browsing feature, including an intelligent search field. iCloud Keychain enhances the Safari function and saves partial information when user surf the Internet, such as passwords and credit card information.

Siri offers male and female voices for users to choose and support French and German. In addition, Siri also integrates with Twitter, Bing and Wikipedia, which allows users to more easily search these sites more with voice.

Other iOS 7 new features include the App Store auto-upgrade, phones, FaceTime and messages force out and safer Find My iPhone feature.

Apple also provides some functions to integrate iOS devices with cars. The user can receive calls, play music and do other tasks without a hand while driving with Siri. 16 car manufacturers have a cooperation relationship with Apple.

Apple released the iOS 7 developers and plans to announce it to ordinary users this fall. The iOS 7 supports iPhone 4 and updated iPhone, iPad 2 and updated iPad, iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

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