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5 iOS Home Improvement Apps to Bring out the Interior Decorator in You

Planning to renovate your home and give it a brand new touch? Do you reckon your bathroom or kitchen needs remodeling? Need some help with ideas and inspiration? If yes, bring out your iPhone and check out the 5 amazing home improvement apps mentioned below.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

One of the big boys in the field of interior design and home decor, Houzz Interior Design is hands down one of the best home improvement apps you could lay your hands on. Houzz is a comprehensive app that is packed with an unbelievably huge database of home decoration and interior design ideas. Right from your bedroom, to your kitchen, to your living room, porch, bathroom, closet, kid’s room, to any other area of your house you can think of, this amazing app covers it all. The app is armed with over 100,000 gorgeous high resolution images that will give you all the inspiration that you need. You can sort images according to the room you’re looking to renovate, or you could also sort images on the basis of the style you’d fancy – be it modern, traditional, contemporary, and so on. What’s more, the app also gives out ideas and product suggestions from professionals – all this, for free!

Color Snap

Wondering what color to paint your kitchen? Can’t decide upon a shade for your bathroom? Have you just spotted a color that you’d like to see on your walls? Not a problem – let ColorSnap handle this for you. ColorSnap is an incredible app that gives its users access to a collection of over 1,500 gorgeous colors. Get all the color inspiration that you need from these photos, or even go on to virtually paint your home walls with a color you fancy. If you spot a particular color that catches your eye, capture the color with the help of your phones camera and match it with the 1,500 Sherwin-Williams colors that feature within the app. If the color is available, you can order it immediately from your nearest Sherwin-Williams store. If that wasn’t enough, users can also use the app to get color advice or information from a color expert.

iHandy Level

For all the level-checking needs you might have around your home, there’s the ingenious iHandy Level Free app which is bound to make your life easier. iHandy level is indeed a rather handy app that accurately helps you check how flat the surfaces in your home are, and in the end, gives you consistent results. iHandy Level has a built-in gyroscope that senses the movements that you make, and can be used to get accurate details on leveling of shelves, furniture, picture frames, and more. Furthermore, the app also comes in handy for other functions such as roof pitch calculation, measuring angles, measuring inclinations, and so on. So if you’re scouting for an ideal tool for measuring and alignment, iHandy Level is what you need.

Home Design 3D

Planning to design the home of your dreams? Wondering whether the furniture you’ve selected will suit the living room? Thinking whether that will paint look good in the bedroom? All sorts of questions might be popping in your mind before you start working on the plan of your dream home. Home Design 3D is a terrific app that will answer all your doubts regarding the design and placement of your dream home’s interiors. The app allows you to create a 3D version of your home, and then you can go on to experiment with all possible elements, furniture, paint colors, and so on, that you might have in mind. You can go on to generate each room with elements such as furniture, windows, doors, accessories, flooring, painting, and more. So basically, you can virtually have a glimpse of what your dream home will look like, thereby eliminating all guesswork from your mind.


Want to have a look into what’s trending? Need some inspiration with new designs? If yes, Dwell is the app you need. Dwell is a cracking app that offers its viewers a display of trendy designs and modern architecture ideas. It includes photographs, editorial collections, videos, as well as slide shows on modern architecture and new design trends. Users can also share designs and ideas with friends and family members over social networking platforms. So if you’re planning to renovate your home and are a tad clueless about the design, Dwell is the app you need to look up.

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