Internet of Things

Building Smarter Homes through Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart technologies are gradually tending towards being the next big thing on the planet. Several sectors and industries are on the verge of attaining reckon through the usage of smart technologies. Smart devices, in essence, refer to digital appliances, gadgets, or systems that can connect with other systems to provide enhanced experiences. It is anticipated that smart devices will act as the harbingers of smart homes due to their ability

Team of Researchers to Develop Location Awareness for Internet of Things

The critical strain that has been anticipated regarding the ability of the fifth generation networks to maintain a track of a fast-growing number of mobile devices by some of the engineers at the Tufts University. The team have come up with an enhanced algorithm for tracking and localizing these products which helps in distributing the task among all the devices themselves. The solution offered by the team of engineers, which

Graphene Sensors to Change the Face of IOT

Scientists at The University of Manchester formulated graphene sensors implanted in RFIDs that can possibly alter the Internet of Things. By composing graphene-oxide (a subordinate of graphene) on graphene to make an adaptable heterostructure, the group have created humidity detector for remotely detecting with the capacity to associate with any remote system. Graphene was known to be the initial two-dimensional material confined in year 2004 at The University of Manchester.

As We Ripe Benefits of IoT, Making it Child-proof is a Must

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize several sectors and we are already witnessing its presence around us. But this growing ubiquity of IoT also comes with a threat of privacy and security for youngsters. A number of innovations are currently underway that are aimed specifically at how children can explore and function with IoT connected devices while staying within privacy limits. One such privacy scheme is the creation

How IoT is Reinventing Smart Factories and Manufacturing

Soaring efficiencies, interfacing hardware and tools to assemble information and recover significant data, and maintain a strategic distance from spontaneous downtime on the shop floor are a large part of the practical difficulties faced by manufacturers. While the majority of them are as yet searching for approaches to increase better control over dispersed operations and dispose of repetitive procedures to cut working costs, production line computerization has taken up an

IoT in Logistics May Require a Complete Organizational Level Revamp

The easy to predict nodes of information are changing constantly. The assets of logistics are now becoming a kind of information system in itself. In what is known as Internet of Things (IoT), actuators and sensors integrated in physical objects, from trucks to roadways, are getting connected through wired as well as wireless networks, commonly using the same IP (Internet Protocol) that is used to connect to the Internet.  This