Artificial Intelligence

Soft Robotic Fish, SoFi Developed by MIT Swims with Real Fishes Coral Reefs

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) computer scientists have revealed in a paper out this month that it could be possible to document marine life with use of a soft robotic fish. The fish is said to be able to swim along with real fishes in an ocean. In a test at Fiji’s Rainbow Reef, SoFi took videos and images of high resolution

Keep Your Personal Details Safe while Accessing Websites and Apps, with Polisis

By now we all know that there are many websites and apps which are used to collect our personal data and then sell the collected data. However, users are unable to distinguish between authentic and those websites or apps which are actually created just for collecting and selling personal data. But thanks to researchers from EPFL, there has been a development of a program which can instantly tell you which

Need for Measuring Smartness of AI Devices

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized our lives by offering technologies that make use of algorithms which help them learn from our behaviour. As artificial intelligence develops further and starts to think  and not only just learn from our human behaviour, do we understand the impact of these machines on our jobs? We are walking towards the world with the different aspects of our daily lives controlled by these systems and

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microscopes to Ease Microbiology Lab Procedures

A recent research paper published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology states that a recently designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) microscope could closely scrutinize the presence of fatal blood infections, thus, enhancing the survival rate of patients. The microscope is believed to accurately analyze bacteria, thus, aiding the microbiologists with apt diagnosis. The technology is expected to bolster research in microbiology laboratories, and up the standards of patient care. Hypothesis to

Why Machines Working with AI Must Stop Learning from Interruptions and Let Humans Have Control

Machines carry out specific actions observe outcomes and adapt the behavior accordingly with the use of artificial intelligence. However, this process can get out of hands as artificial intelligence works with the intention of avoiding human intervention. The best solution is that artificial intelligence engineers need to ensure that machines be prevented from learning how to get around or avoid human commands. Researchers from EPFL are studying this issue and

Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence can Design Apparel!

A team of researchers from Adobe Research and the University of California, San Diego, have displayed how neural network and artificial intelligence (AI) one day could create customized designs for apparel to assist apparel manufacturers and vendors in meet consumers’ demand and provide them with exactly what they want. Wang-Cheng Kang, the first-author and a Ph.D. (computer science) student at the University of California, stated that they have proved that

Novel Technology Enables AI to Function without Internet

A new technology is paving the path for artificial intelligence (AI) to cut loose with the cloud computing and Internet. This technology has been developed at the University of Waterloo and the software created using this technology is compact enough to perfectly fit on the mobile computer chips to be used in a wide range of products from mobile phones to industrial robots. It permits devices to function without Internet

Facebook Abandons Experiment after Chatbots Talk in Bizarre Language

Facebook, Inc. disclosed that it has to abandon an experiment aimed at creating artificial intelligent programs used by chatbots, since they showed behavior not intended of the research results. These bots were programmed to develop their language for negotiations for a trade and further the bartering skills among themselves. The researchers had to abort the initiative, as in the process, the bots created their own language that was largely incomprehensible

AI2 Focuses on Developing Better Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) is currently working on developing artificial intelligence that replicates human intelligence. The non-profit organization has been persistently working toward developing high-impact AI to benefit the society. Despite Baidu, Google, and Microsoft being competitors the organizations are working together to understand the academics involved in engineering such as high level of game-changing artificial intelligence. Growing Volume to Data Makes it Difficult to Identify Authentic Resources

Scientists Decode Images and Dreams through Brain Scanning

There have been many researches across the globe to unveil and decode the working of the brain and the contents in process in it. With the help of a series of studies and researches, scientists are slowly learning the method of interpreting what people see, remember, imagine, and dream. Although the researches related to this have faced many limitation during their initial stage and the progress at times has been