hard disk cloning

Everyone should know exactly how to clone a hard drive safely. Cloning here means to backup and transfer everything from the old PC or laptop to the new PC or laptop. Everyone should know how to do this because changing from one PC to another is quite common these days. When the old PC is no longer working as good as it used to be, the only way to keep

Hard Disk

Although the computers are being used from time to time, not everyone has knowledge on how the system truly works. Most people only have a tiny bit of knowledge or even have no knowledge at all in the system of computers. Therefore, these people might not be able to do things like disk partition by themselves. It surely is not really a big deal. What people need to do is to find

Experts Say Windows 8 Is Responsible For the Most Precipitous Decline in Desktop Shipments of the Year

The international desktop market has suffered its biggest drop on the record with first quarter shipments dropping to as low as 14% in nearly the same time as the last year. The personal computer market had pinned its hopes on the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 to bolster its sales but Microsoft’s new operating system is a major factor in this precipitous historical decline, if you were to believe the

LCD to Touch-screen Monitor in just $5

Researchers at Ubiquitous lab (University of Washington) have designed a sensor costing merely $5. This sensor can turn any household LCD into a touch-screen monitor. The sensor plugs into a wall and uses technology called uTouch. When the user’s hand moves close to or touches the screen, it causes electromagnetic interference (EMI). uTouch is capable of measuring EMI. The electricity running through every house has its unique electromagnetic signature. The

Is Desktop Computer Dead

I am writing this article on my tab while my friend Is playing a game on my PC i seldom use PC i do most Of my work on my tab have many friend who uses laptop Or tab and for that matter even Smartphone but they seldom Uses PC or desktop, so now the question arises with the rise In use of laptop, tab or mobile is PC dead? Even

Converting Your Laptop into a Laptop Server: What You Need to Know

Yes, you can convert your laptop into a server, but the conversion process is a little difficult, and you will need to avoid certain pitfalls. If for some reason you’ve decide to use your laptop as a server, you must understand one thing, your laptop has not been designed and configured to act a server. If you want a server, you need to get your hands on a computer power

Dell Vostro 2520 Laptop Specs, Price And Review

Dell an US based multinational is the world leading brand of desktop computer and laptop they are in this business for quite a long time and have been churning one after another high class laptop and desktop. They basically produce two type of laptop one Inspiron which are for designed conscious and are little costly and the other been Vostro which are for business class who prefer multitasking more than

The Advantages of Wireless Mouse By Tech You N Me

More and more people are looking for wireless devices these days. They want to get rid of the wires as they not only occupy space but they are also not easy to handle. The popularity of various devices show the total sales of these devices are increasing day by day. Wireless mouse is among these devices which is highly popular among masses. They are highly convenient to use and it

3 Intel Haswell Laptops That Deliver on Long Battery

When Intel has launched it 4th generation processor called i4 the most important improvement that was expected from the processor was the battery life of the device. The chips were supposed to consume less power than previous generations and promise a 50 percent boost in battery life for watching video. The improvements extend to word processing, Web surfing and other computing tasks as well and going by the initial report Intel