Accenture Acquires NJ-based Knowledgent to further its Data Intelligence Capabilities

Information Technology giants Accenture have acquired New Jersey-based Knowledgent, a data intelligence company that helps its clients gain actionable insights into their businesses and customers to gain a competitive advantage over their contenders in the market. The NJ-based establishment of the company houses over 175 highly skilled informationists which provide clients with an array of services namely data engineering, data strategy and architecture, and data management services. In a statement

Huawei to Face Bans in Europe as the US Urges its Diplomatic Partners to Restrict the Chinese-based Firm

Chinese based telecommunications equipment manufacturers Huawei is set to face another major blow as leading European countries start to shun the company’s network systems over security concerns. Europe is Huawei’s biggest commercial markets and the company will face extreme financial pressures with more and more companies opting out of using its services. Some European countries and telecom operators have decided to follow US’s lead who has already banned the Chinese

Online Travel Booking Offering Best Deals with Help of Hashtags

Ritu Mehrotra, country manager for India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka at online travel platform, has an innovative idea for business management. In an interview, Mehrotra stated that entrepreneurs should focus more on customers or users instead of competition. She invented the idea on pay-at-hotel model, which facilitates online booking for free. The idea has gained immense popularity in India as it reduces friction between partners and users. Mehrotra is also

Customer Goods Company Kao to Launch Gene-Based Skin Care Offerings Soon

The beauty industry is seeing a lot of personalized products lately. And, now the consumer goods company Kao is all set to join the trend in the coming year with its personalized skin care offerings designed on the basis of genetic information. The Japanese company is going to use genetic data present in ribonucleic acid to predict the customers’ chances of getting wrinkles and experiencing other aging-related conditions, and dermatologic

Ford’s GoBike All Set to Launch in Sunny San Francisco

San Francisco has emerged a frontrunner among cities rolling out electric scooters and bikes as an alternative to the traditional modes of transport to take you around the city. The latest company to tap into the trend is Motivate which is set to launch its Ford GoBike program which includes bikes that are pedal-assist.  The program will begin with the launch of 250 e-bikes. Those having membership of Ford GoBike

Tokyo Tech Finds New Ways to Drive Multi-legged Robots Using Two-level Controller

A new research by Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) has evoked interest in exploring ways to control multi-legged robots, for instance, with the use of brain-computer interfaces in the future. The researchers have proposed a two-level controller to drive multi-legged robots. A network of non-linear oscillators is said to be used by the controller to allow the generation of varied postures and gaits specified by just a handful of

Sierra Wireless Launches Cloud Managed Low-power Wide-area Cellular Router for IoT

With today’s global businesses and organizations undergoing a complete digital transformation wherein equipment, stores, and offices are connected in order to deliver service-oriented business models for improved efficiency, increased revenue, and higher customer satisfaction, it has become important to have an LTE connectivity which is combined with good networking, routing, and security. With this in mind, Sierra Wireless has developed a complete portfolio of AirLink Network Management tools which is

Nokia Addresses Security Threats Looming in Telecom Networks

By launching a security Risk Index assessment service and managed Security Service, Nokia has decided to address the security threats which are increasing in Telecom Networks. These two services form a holistic and unique approach to address the security challenges, mobile, and fixed networks. Apart from addressing their security needs Nokia operators can white label the managed security service to Enterprises and benefit from the revenue. Thus the increasing regulatory

New Solar Inverter by ABB to Provide Good Return on Investment

ABB has expanded its solar inverter portfolio to include PVS – 100/120 inverter. ABB says that the solar market is now shifting towards cost-effective platforms which offer high power spring inverters up to 1500 VDC. This maximizes the return on investment and also has the potential to reduce CAPEX and OPEX cost for developers and installers. The PVS-100/120 is suitable for large-scale industrial as well as commercial ground-mounted and rooftop

Paperless Recorders Market

A new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) states that the global market for paperless recorders has been observing a substantial increase in its valuation and a surge in its market size. Researchers expect this market to continue growing steadily over the forthcoming years. The research study, titled “Paperless Recorders Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” presents a comprehensive evaluation of

Lithium-sulfur Batteries to Replace Lithium-ion Batteries

Common lithium-ion batteries that are used in electric cars could be substituted with lithium-sulfur batteries as they come cheaper, contains double the energy in similar mass and weigh much lesser. Lithium-sulfur batteries, however, become unstable in due course of time with electrodes deteriorating in over a period of time thereby limiting its adoption worldwide. New Polymer Binder to Improve the Functioning of Lithium-sulfur Batteries Led by the scientists of the

Fast Operating Speed Makes Tamper Evident Labeler Highly Efficient

LSS Labelling systems Scandinavia is reportedly launching a new Tamper Evident labelling machine through Pharmapack in February this year in Paris.  This labelling system, which is planned to be unveiled at the Novexx Solutions booth, is highly innovative and is expected to receive a high number of sales. The system manufactured by labelling specialists LSS from Denmark conforms to the European Falsified Directive (FMD). A significant part of this directive

Flexibility Management Software to Ease Intake of Clean Power for Grid

Today’s electricity grids are increasingly requiring technologies that can accelerate the inclusion of clean, reliable, and affordable energy resources in conventional infrastructure. There are a vast variety of energy resources providing power to today’s grids and these resources can be ramped up or down based on a variety of conditions, mostly weather-related, that determine power generation capacity from resources such as sun, wind, and ocean. As a result, these resources

Thailand’s Share of Renewable Energy to Reach 37% in Total Energy Mix

A recent report revealed that Thailand’s energy consumption domain is expected to touch a prominent landmark with its share of renewable energy accounting for 37% in the total energy consumption index by 2036. The report, published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Ministry of Thailand, combines methodologies propagated by the Renewable Readiness Assessments (RRA) and REmap.  Course of Action to Up Energy Game Thailand aims to improve

Volkswagen to Invest in New Car Technologies in the Next 5 Years

German automaker, Volkswagen, has planned to spend a whopping amount of US$ 40bn in the development of autonomous cars, electric cars, and new technologies that would further benefit the automobile segment. Following the supervisory board’s meeting for the company’s plans from 2018 to 2022, it has been reported that Volkswagen plans to spend this amount in the next five years. Focus on Digitization and Autonomous Vehicles  Most of the assured

Despite Rising Popularity Electric Trucks Have a Long Haul as Per Experts

Inbuilt with the latest features and promising to be eco-friendly, electric trucks are currently basking in their moment of spotlight. However, there is still time before they can replace diesel-run trucks until they overcome cost challenges. Several leading companies are gearing to jump into the bandwagon, lest they miss capitalizing on the prevailing opportunity. For instance, Tesla Inc. has plans of unveiling their semi-tractor trailer soon. This will market the

Light-based Technology to be used for Assembling Electronic Components

A new method of manipulation that is based on light has been developed in a bid to facilitate mass production of electronic components for various devices like laptops, smartphones, computers, and many others. Introduction and implementation of faster and cheaper ways to make these components would thereby make connection of daily objects that spans from household appliances to clothing and internet to an advanced concept of Internet of things (IoT).

Smartphone-Compatible Gadget to be used to Get Spectral Images

Spectral images are known for having more color details which is achievable with a normal camera, uncover qualities of tissue and other organic examples that can’t be seen by the bare eye. Another cell phone-compatible gadget that is held like a pencil could make it useful to get spectral pictures of regular protests and may in the end be utilized for purpose of-mind restorative finding in remote areas. Potential utilizations

A New Electronic Converter can Power Efficiency of Wind Turbines

The researchers at the Public University of Navarre have developed an electronic converter that can swiftly transfer the energy produced by large wind turbines in the range up to 6.6 kilovolts into the main power grid, significantly cutting the loss of energy. This device also has the ability to function at higher outputs, which may be useful for deployment on offshore wind turbines. As the threat from global warming becomes

Uber to Soon Launch its “Flying Taxis” with NASA

Uber has stepped forward in its idea to make self-sufficient “flying taxicabs” a reality, marking an agreement with Nasa to build up the product to oversee them. Uber said its flying taxi administration would be simply electric and that an adventure that would take 80 minutes via auto in surge hour movement could be diminished to as less as 4 minutes. Uber expects to have some type of its air