Volkswagen to Invest in New Car Technologies in the Next 5 Years

German automaker, Volkswagen, has planned to spend a whopping amount of US$ 40bn in the development of autonomous cars, electric cars, and new technologies that would further benefit the automobile segment. Following the supervisory board’s meeting for the company’s plans from 2018 to 2022, it has been reported that Volkswagen plans to spend this amount in the next five years. Focus on Digitization and Autonomous Vehicles  Most of the assured

Despite Rising Popularity Electric Trucks Have a Long Haul as Per Experts

Inbuilt with the latest features and promising to be eco-friendly, electric trucks are currently basking in their moment of spotlight. However, there is still time before they can replace diesel-run trucks until they overcome cost challenges. Several leading companies are gearing to jump into the bandwagon, lest they miss capitalizing on the prevailing opportunity. For instance, Tesla Inc. has plans of unveiling their semi-tractor trailer soon. This will market the

Light-based Technology to be used for Assembling Electronic Components

A new method of manipulation that is based on light has been developed in a bid to facilitate mass production of electronic components for various devices like laptops, smartphones, computers, and many others. Introduction and implementation of faster and cheaper ways to make these components would thereby make connection of daily objects that spans from household appliances to clothing and internet to an advanced concept of Internet of things (IoT).

Smartphone-Compatible Gadget to be used to Get Spectral Images

Spectral images are known for having more color details which is achievable with a normal camera, uncover qualities of tissue and other organic examples that can’t be seen by the bare eye. Another cell phone-compatible gadget that is held like a pencil could make it useful to get spectral pictures of regular protests and may in the end be utilized for purpose of-mind restorative finding in remote areas. Potential utilizations

A New Electronic Converter can Power Efficiency of Wind Turbines

The researchers at the Public University of Navarre have developed an electronic converter that can swiftly transfer the energy produced by large wind turbines in the range up to 6.6 kilovolts into the main power grid, significantly cutting the loss of energy. This device also has the ability to function at higher outputs, which may be useful for deployment on offshore wind turbines. As the threat from global warming becomes

Uber to Soon Launch its “Flying Taxis” with NASA

Uber has stepped forward in its idea to make self-sufficient “flying taxicabs” a reality, marking an agreement with Nasa to build up the product to oversee them. Uber said its flying taxi administration would be simply electric and that an adventure that would take 80 minutes via auto in surge hour movement could be diminished to as less as 4 minutes. Uber expects to have some type of its air

Apple to Unveil iPad with Face ID in 2018

I-phone X may have just hit the market, but Apple Inc. is not one to sit complacent. It has already begun work on redesigning a high-end iPad having many of the important features of iPhone X such as edges that are slimmer and facial recognition. The new product is set to be launched as early as 2018. What’s special in the upcoming model? The new version, however, may not have

BlackBerry and Tata Elxsi to Develop Secure Embedded Designs

In the recent past, BlackBerry has promised to address the escalating software security concerns and now they have announced a collaboration with Tata Elxsi to help companies by designing critical solutions, primarily those pertaining to medical, automotive, and network communications. The two companies will be using BlackBerry QNX technology to cater to their customers. The QNX technology will enable companies across the world to improve data security with next generation

70% of IT Companies in Europe Foresee Brexit as a Boon for Business

A fresh survey by Interoute has notified that more than two-thirds (63 percent) of owners of business pertaining to information technology (IT) expect Brexit to evolve as a benefit or boon for their business and lead to high growth across Europe in the years ahead. Similar sentiments were sent out by IT decision makers in the U.K. too, wherein 61 percent believed Brexit was good for their enterprise. The reshuffling

Apple to prove its US$1 trillion Bid in Wall Street

While individuals spend over than $1,000 for the privilege to in the long run buy an iPhone X (and also pitch that privilege to in the long run buy an iPhone X for over than $1,500), it is being seeing Apple is making a truly decent showing with regards to of situating the phase in the matter of whether it can put forth its defense to Wall Street that it

Amazon Wine to Shut Down

Amazon Wine is closing down toward the finish of this current year, the retailer has quite recently cautioned dealers by means of email. The current issue needs to do with the current laws encompassing liquor deals, which Amazon has unsuccessfully attempted to change by working with controllers. The current laws make it troublesome for Amazon to offer liquor as a retailer and work a commercial center. That is something that

Microsoft Excel gets Smarter

Microsoft Excel clients celebrate. Your most loved spreadsheet is going to get a considerable measure more brilliant, on account of the assistance of machine learning and a superior association with the outside world. As Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s general chief for Office, and Rob Howard, the organization’s executive of Office 365 biological system showcasing, demonstrated me amid an instructions at the organization’s Ignite gathering today, Excel will soon have the capacity

Siri Switched to Google from Bing by Apple

Apple is swapping the default contractor of its web seeks from Siri, Search inside iOS (once in the past called Spotlight) and Spotlight on the Mac. Along these lines, for instance, if Siri cascades back to a web look on iOS when you make an inquiry, you’re currently going to get Google derives about as opposed to Bing. Refreshed underneath with an announcement from Microsoft. Consistency is Apple’s fundamental inspiration

Alcohol-free Beer Trending among Young & Health Conscious People

The perception that beer is harmful is changing, slowly but surely. And the advent of low- or no-alcohol beer has helped this shift significantly. A recent study by Mintel sampled two groups of about 1,000 and 2,000 people who belonged to Poland, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, and it was detected that a good chunk of respondents thought alcohol-free beer or low content is as good as its full strength

Revolution and Toro Partner for Plastic Recycling

Toro Co., a producer of trickle water system systems apart from garden cutters and snow hurlers, has banded together with the reusing firm Revolution Plastics to recover plastic items from cultivate fields in California’s focal drift area. To lure ranchers to attempt Revolution’s free pickup benefit, Bloomington, Minn.- based Toro is giving without end a bed of its low thickness polyethylene dribble tape to the individuals who reuse 25,000 pounds

Smart Technologies to Revolutionize Packaging Jars in Food Industry

Packaging jars are being used largely to pack various products including cosmetics, food, etc. Packaging jars are generally made of plastic or glass protecting various products from changing temperature. Packaging jars are being used on a large scale in the food industry as they are reusable and uses minimum coatings that can impact food quality. Manufacturers are also focusing on producing smart jars that can communicate with users and can

Political Tensions are Weakening Hyundai’s Position in China

Political tensions over South Korea’s missile defense system are severely impacting the sales of Hyundai vehicles in China, which happens to be the world’s largest auto market. Chinese buyers are shunning Hyundai products and sales have went down plunging 64% post the tensions. The Hyundai plant in Cangzhou has already been shut several times in the past six months following the tension. Assembly lines were also shut fot a week

How Alcohol Companies Deny Any Association with Cancer

The health messages that are downplayed by alcohol companies regarding risk of cancer is highly misleading, state researchers. The consumers are getting distorted health messages. The alcohol industry is using the denial, distraction, and distortion method or strategy to minimize the proof of any activity that can be parallel to the tobacco industry, said a study led by the the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) with Sweden’s

Air Taxi Startup Lilium Raises US$90 mn in Fresh Round of Funding

The global interest in flying taxi services has significantly increased in the past few years and a number of companies are already trying their luck in this up and coming sector through their innovative product and service lines. One of the most prominent contenders in the area, Lilium Aviation, a Germany-based startup, has raised massive funds of US$90 mn in a recent round of financing.  The investment was backed by

WhatsApp to Soon Launch Enterprise-level Communication App

After years of sticking to a purely subscription-based revenue model, the popular messaging and calling app WhatsApp is finally planning to monetize its services by charging large enterprises for tools that will allow them to establish a better channel for communicating with consumers. A free app will also be developed for small- and medium-sized enterprises, although the company has not yet outlined the functionality of the free app.  The enterprise-version