Alcohol-free Beer Trending among Young & Health Conscious People

The perception that beer is harmful is changing, slowly but surely. And the advent of low- or no-alcohol beer has helped this shift significantly. A recent study by Mintel sampled two groups of about 1,000 and 2,000 people who belonged to Poland, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, and it was detected that a good chunk of respondents thought alcohol-free beer or low content is as good as its full strength

Revolution and Toro Partner for Plastic Recycling

Toro Co., a producer of trickle water system systems apart from garden cutters and snow hurlers, has banded together with the reusing firm Revolution Plastics to recover plastic items from cultivate fields in California’s focal drift area. To lure ranchers to attempt Revolution’s free pickup benefit, Bloomington, Minn.- based Toro is giving without end a bed of its low thickness polyethylene dribble tape to the individuals who reuse 25,000 pounds

Smart Technologies to Revolutionize Packaging Jars in Food Industry

Packaging jars are being used largely to pack various products including cosmetics, food, etc. Packaging jars are generally made of plastic or glass protecting various products from changing temperature. Packaging jars are being used on a large scale in the food industry as they are reusable and uses minimum coatings that can impact food quality. Manufacturers are also focusing on producing smart jars that can communicate with users and can

Political Tensions are Weakening Hyundai’s Position in China

Political tensions over South Korea’s missile defense system are severely impacting the sales of Hyundai vehicles in China, which happens to be the world’s largest auto market. Chinese buyers are shunning Hyundai products and sales have went down plunging 64% post the tensions. The Hyundai plant in Cangzhou has already been shut several times in the past six months following the tension. Assembly lines were also shut fot a week

How Alcohol Companies Deny Any Association with Cancer

The health messages that are downplayed by alcohol companies regarding risk of cancer is highly misleading, state researchers. The consumers are getting distorted health messages. The alcohol industry is using the denial, distraction, and distortion method or strategy to minimize the proof of any activity that can be parallel to the tobacco industry, said a study led by the the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) with Sweden’s

Air Taxi Startup Lilium Raises US$90 mn in Fresh Round of Funding

The global interest in flying taxi services has significantly increased in the past few years and a number of companies are already trying their luck in this up and coming sector through their innovative product and service lines. One of the most prominent contenders in the area, Lilium Aviation, a Germany-based startup, has raised massive funds of US$90 mn in a recent round of financing.  The investment was backed by

WhatsApp to Soon Launch Enterprise-level Communication App

After years of sticking to a purely subscription-based revenue model, the popular messaging and calling app WhatsApp is finally planning to monetize its services by charging large enterprises for tools that will allow them to establish a better channel for communicating with consumers. A free app will also be developed for small- and medium-sized enterprises, although the company has not yet outlined the functionality of the free app.  The enterprise-version and Daimler Forge Partnership Supported by Via

Daimler AG is putting resources into the world’s driving ridesharing system, GmbH. The primary investors will keep on being the organization’s three authors, and in addition funding firm Earlybird. The capital venture will serve principally the advancement and development of’s versatility arrangements. is the world’s driving ridesharing system, transporting 1 million individuals every month crosswise over Europe. The stage is accessible on the Internet, on cell phone

Flexible Battery Market: Rising Popularity of Wearable Devices to Drive Growth

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Flexible Battery Market (By Chargeability – Chargeable Flexible Battery, Single Use Flexible Battery, By Product Type – Laminar Lithium-Polymer Battery, Thin Film and Printed Battery, Flexible Zinc Carbon Battery, Advanced Lithium Ion Battery, By End User – Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Smart Packaging, Transportation and Logistics and Others)– Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2017– 2025”, the

Beacon Lights Market: Expanding Defense Communication Industry Fuels Demands for Advanced Beacon Lights, finds TMR

The global beacon lights market is projected to grow due to expansion of overall industrial sector and development of the global defense communication industry. Transparency Market Research (TMR) studies the trajectory the global market for beacon lights is likely to exhibit over the period 2017 – 2025. The report “Beacon Lights Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” covers all the current and

Apple to Make Google Pay Up for Remaining Default Engine on iOS

Apple’s iOS device are touted to contribute to almost half of Google’s search revenues of the mobile segment. With such a large contribution, Apple is set to acquire licensing fees from Google, on account of the popularity of the search engine. The deal is predicted to be of almost $3 bn each year, just to remain the default search engine on iOS devices. Back in 2014, Google reported paid $1

Coming Soon: Facebook “Trending News”

Facebook is launching a section named “Trending News” on their mobile app. The section will contain the latest relevant news that a reader would want, all with their own links to the original article. The news regarding the Trending News section was revealed earlier in spring when Facebook officials stated news was swiftly becoming an important part of Facebook feeds. The section keeps a track of the news items and

Lipton Iced Tea to Get Color-changing Packaging, Thanks to Crown

Lipton is an iconic iced tea brand and a favorite of consumers around the world. Already enjoying a global presence, the company is now keen on updating its packaging to retain sustainable growth amidst intensely competitive business environment. With its contemporaries notching up their packaging quotient, Lipton has decided to join the bandwagon. Recently it has associated with Crown – one of the leading metal pack specialists, to introduce cans

Shoe Packaging Market Expects Dynamic Growth with Changing Consumer Demand

The global shoe packaging market is foreseen to be directed by the changing behavioral economics of consumers and their fashion preferences. Shoe packaging could differ drastically from significantly casual and graphic to highly elegant and formal, according to the type of shoes and customer demographic that is being catered to. For instance, Off-White by Virgil Abloh is once again expected to come up with a unique style of shoe packaging,

American Whiskey Market: Higher Demand expected due to Rapid urbanization!

The alcoholic beverage industry has witnessed a dramatic transition in terms of sales over the past few years. American whiskey is one of the most preferred type of beverage among the consumers.  American whiskey is a form of distilled beverage predominantly manufactured in the U.S. from fermented mash of cereal grain. All types of American whiskey are made from mashes with approximately 51% of their named grains. Rapid urbanization is

Rain Boots Market: Expansion of Retail and E-commerce Sectors to Drive Sales

Rain boots represent a fair share in the global footwear industry and therefore, the robust growth of the industry is working in favor of the global rain boots market. A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), titled “Rain Boots Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017–2025,” presents a detailed analysis of the market. Data has been derived from various paid and unpaid sources such as

Flipkart’s deal to acquire Snapdeal is now officially dead

The rumors of Flipkart acquiring Snapdeal is now officially dead. For past few months, this speculations was covered by masses and it was reported that the $900-$950 mn acquisition was waiting for the approval from shareholders of Snapdeal. However, the deal has come to end. It was reported that Jasper Infotech, Snapdeal’s board, had agreed to the Flipkart’s bid of $900-$950 mn and was awaiting for the approval from other

High Barrier Packaging Films: Manufacturers Focus on Product Differentiation to Bolster Sales

According to the latest market report published by Transparency Market Research titled ‘High Barrier Packaging Films Market’: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017-2027’, global high barrier packaging films market is estimated to be US$ 20,297 Mn for 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% over the forecast period (2017-2027). High barrier packaging films is used to increase the shelf life for packaged food products, protecting the

Solid State Batteries Marked Advancement over Lithium-Ion Batteries

Solid state batteries are proving to be excellent substitute for lithium-ion batteries. In recent years, the new technology has gained prominence among numerous consumer devices for providing safe, low-cost, and powerful power storage. With the advent of solar panel systems and electric vehicles, the demand for higher energy density is getting more intense. In a recent paper titled “Alternative strategy for a safe rechargeable battery”, a team of researchers headed

Wheel Loaders Market: Rapid Industrialization and Urbanization to Spur Demand

The fast pace at which industrialization is occurring across the globe is driving the construction and building industries from a couple of decades. This in turn has fueled the demand for wheel loaders, states Transparency Market Research (TMR) in its latest report. The report is titled “Wheel Loaders Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024 Top of Form.” The rapid urbanization, especially in